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Why A Greenhouse Is Better Than A Poultry Farm

Both greenhouses and poultry farms are considered viable options for agricultural enterprises today; they can both be highly successful, and highly profitable. However, for most people, doing both at the same time is often not possible.

If a person must choose between a poultry farm and a greenhouse, evidence suggests that the greenhouse is the sure bet. A greenhouse has the edge over a poultry farm because of the tendency to be on autopilot – and still be profitable.

Before getting into the facts, it is important to highlight the differences between greenhouses and poultry farms.

Difference Between A Greenhouse And A Poultry Farm

A Greenhouse is a structure that is designed to create a controlled environment where plants can grow and thrive. The original idea was to create a place where plants that favor hot climatic conditions to thrive in cold places.

Greenhouses are created to retain heat.

Poultry houses on the other hand are built to dissipate heat. In most cases, they are built to contain as many birds as possible. For that to happen, it needs to have a free flow of air so the birds do not suffocate, and so disease does not spread too quickly.

Poultry houses often have walls made of wire mesh, and the roofs are often made of solid metal or other material. On the other hand, greenhouse roofs may be made of glass or other transparent material, while the walls may be made of wood, plastic, or glass.

Greenhouses produce plants, while poultry farms produce animals, eggs, or other animal products.

Now to the question: which is better, a greenhouse or a poultry farm. In our opinion, a greenhouse has several advantages over a poultry farm. Find them below.

Advantages Of A Greenhouse Over A Poultry Farm

Greenhouses Can Work On Autopilot

Greenhouses can function with little or no interference from humans. Plants generally do not need humans to grow, as long as they have the right conditions necessary for them to thrive, they should be ok.

Some greenhouses may put the plants in pots, trays or bags of soil. Generally these ones will need watering, but said watering can be timed. Maybe once a day, or once every two days.   That is still auto pilot because it can be done as quickly as possible, without any time wasting – leaving the farmer free to do other things.

Some Greenhouses have the plants put into pots or trays of water. Not just water, but water that has been prepared with nutrients to make the plants grow. In such cases, the plants do not require watering, or any other kind of assistance from humans.

Even if artificial lighting is used, the power can come from photovoltaic cells, which would harvest the power from the sun, and automatically light up the bulbs – still meaning that it would function without much interference from the farmer.

Of course, it is always better to check regularly to see that everything is exactly as it should be.

No Noise Or Smell

Chickens are quite noisy, especially when they congregate in large numbers. This fact is known to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being around them. Sadly, they can also be quite smelly.

While the noise and smell are not very consequential when the poultry farm is located in the outskirts, it can be quite a problem in the city. Many poultry farms have been forced to close because of frequent complaints regarding the noise and smell.

This is one clear advantage that a greenhouse has over a poultry farm; it runs silent. In fact, most people can have no idea what happens at a greenhouse because it operates without attracting any form of attention to itself.

Greenhouses Offer Lower Risks Of Loses Through Disease

Diseases can affect plants too, but a farmer is far more likely to experience losses in his farming adventure with chickens than with anything in a greenhouse. A greenhouse is protected; almost completely sealed off from the outside world.

In this controlled environment, pests cannot enter, and neither can diseases. Farmers and investors can therefore have a greater degree of confidence in the success of their ventures. Discerning farmers know that they have a better chance paying back a bank loan if the money is invested in a greenhouse, than if the money was put into a poultry farm.

Some diseases that affect poultry can also be passed on to humans. This is something to be wary of, something that can be avoided completely by turning to greenhouses as an investment.

More Intensive Use Of Space

Because greenhouses can incorporate vertical farming, which can multiply the produce exponentially, there is no doubt that a greenhouse can help an entrepreneur make the best use of space.

Square meter by square meter, a greenhouse can produce far more than a poultry, and make much more money for the owner.

Where To Start?

The logical next step is to talk to an expert in Greenhouses. Ester Pius Consultancy can walk you through the journey of setting up a Greenhouse. This includes step by step instruction on the situation, construction, and operation. You can get advice on the best plants for your greenhouse, and how to market the produce.

Further Reading:

Food is a primary need of man; it is one thing that humans cannot do without. Producing food is therefore one of the best ways to make money. With this in mind, investing in a Greenhouse is a good way to make money – a profitable investment for the present and for the future.

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