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Where To Get Clothes To Start a Boutique In Nigeria

Knowing where to get clothes for your boutique is an important detail that can determine whether or not the boutique will be profitable because if a person buys at the wrong place then he may not be able to turn in some profits after making sales.

Getting the clothes from the wrong place may also be a fatal mistake for other reasons such as the clothes not being of good quality, or having dents which depreciate their value, or makes them un-buyable.

For these reasons; it is imperative to do one’s homework first, so that one can easily build the boutique into a profitable venture.

Where To Get Clothes To Start a Boutique In Nigeria

This article is written with African countries in mind; and as a result the suggestions are quite peculiar. However, the economics will add up to ensure profits; which is why most people venture into business.

Every business or trade has certain secrets which ensure not only that it survives but also that it thrives. In the boutique business, one of the secrets is getting the clothes cheap, and selling high. It is not so simple, but it is doable by checking out the following places.

Clearance Sales

Clearance sales from branded shops have been one of the hidden sources for top quality clothing, and this has been the secret of success for many boutique owners in Nigeria and Ghana just to name a few places.

Branded stores always clear away old stock to make way for incoming stock. This may be done periodically, at different intervals, but it will certainly be done every year.

Please keep in mind that in this context, branded shops means stores owned by the top designer brands, and operated themselves. At least once every year, they will clear away the old stock, in order to make way for new stock.

The clothes are in great condition; there is nothing wrong with them. Nevertheless, they will be marked down considerably; sometimes up to 60%.

Clearance Sales Abroad

For a person who is just starting out in the boutique business, it may not be a viable option to travel out to Europe or America or even Asia (Dubai for example) to buy clothes in bulk for the store. Nevertheless, this is a very tempting option because of the cheer abundance of high quality wears available, especially in branded stores belonging to top brands.

This is when all the big brands bring down their prices to less than half, in order to attract buyers, and get rid of their old stock so that they can make room for new wears.

Even without travelling; one can still take advantage of this opportunity by entrusting friends and relatives abroad to act in one’s stead, and select wears, and then ship them down. Relax; it is not that expensive to send the clothes down to Africa; there is now something called cargo consolidation.

Second Hand Markets

Those who cannot travel abroad, and who do not have any trustworthy family or friends abroad will be happy to learn that quality clothes are available for cheap just around the corner, regardless of whatever city they live in Africa.

There is a second hand clothing market in almost every city in West Africa; and there are many such markets in Cape Town and Johannesburg. So it seems logical to infer that these markets exist in every country across the continent.

Second Hand Markets offer a unique source of getting wears because they are cheap. However, it takes some experience to purchase wears at these markets; one has to make sure that the clothes do not have any defects. One has to check them thoroughly to ensure that they are in good condition.

Some of the clothes in these markets still have tags on them; leading one to believe that they have never been worn. Sometimes, they can wind up in these markets directly from clearance sales, or from the source to be discussed next.

Charity Shops

Yes, there are not many charity shops in Africa, but this is quite a common thing in Europe and America. Charity shops get their stock from donations from people, and the proceeds go to charity- not for profit.

Since the stocks come from charity, the operators of these stores are quite happy to sell them for cheap; sometimes they are even looking to put out stocks so that they can bring in new ones.

However, that does not mean that the clothes are of low quality; sometimes they have not even been worn, they donors just don’t have enough space in their wardrobes, and so they wish to push some out in order to make room for fresh ones.

The terms that apply to clearance sales abroad apply to this as well; one will need the assistance of family or friends abroad so as to procure the wears and send them home.

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It is important to see one’s self as a curator of fashion; the boutique has to be like one’s collection. To do this, one needs to have a taste for fashion; it is profitable, but not for everyone. Some people simply do not have good dress sense, and so whatever they select for a boutique is likely going to be rejected.

Knowing where to get clothes to start a boutique is just one aspect of this business; it is important that one has an idea of what it takes to run a boutique; please see the link above. The first link that says how to start a Boutique explains all that one needs to know, so that the business venture can be a long term success.

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