Unifi Credit South Africa Review

Unifi Credit is a loan company that works in South Africa, Kenya among other countries. In South Africa the Unifi Credit loan company can be described as a cross between an instant loan company and a person loan financer; the offer loans that can accessed 24 hours of the day, and while the amounts are preset, the loans can be quite large.

The company is located at 2nd floor Building A, The Vineyard, 1 Devon Valley Rd, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa. However, there is no need to visit the company office in order to get a loan. Unifi Credit operates a completely remote money lending company, and loans can be obtained from one’s mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Unifi Credit South Africa All You Need To Know

What Kind Of Loans Does Unifi Credit Give?

Unifi Credit gives unsecure loan facilities. That is loans that can be obtained without any collateral or without handing over any item, or documents of value. Unsecure loans can be further broken down into Personal Loans (bigger loans that can be used for personal development), and Quick Loans (small loans which one can use in times of emergencies).

Unifi Credit offers loans that thread the middle ground; the loans can be as large as R8000. Of course if you want a smaller amount you can also get that; the company offers loans from R1000 to R8000.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Loans From Unifi Credit

Minutes. Literally, Unifi Credit offers loans within minutes, and the loans range from R1000 to R8000. It does not even matter what time of the day you apply for the loan; as long as you have satisfied the company’s requirements for the loan, you will get it in a matter of minutes. The next concern should be whether or not you meet the requirements to obtain loans from the company.

What Do You Need To Get A Loan From Unifi Credit?

The company lists the following requirements:

Bank Account (Supported Banks include: ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Capitec Bank, Nedbank and African Bank.)

Proof of Income (Bank Statement; can be obtained from your banking app)

Proof of Employment (Employee ID Card or other)

Mobile Phone Number

How To Get A Loan From Unifi Credit

Get on your internet enabled device such as your phone, computer, or tab, and visit the company website: and then wait for it to load.

On the welcome page you will see a brief introduction to the company, and then on the top right corner you will see a small button that says “Apply For a Loan.”

When you click on that button it takes you to a simple page to choose how much you want to borrow. The first thing on the page is Choose Your Loan, and the default amount is R2000. You can increase it or reduce by clicking the + (Plus) or – (minus) buttons respectively; they are on either side of the figure.

After that, you will then state how long you want the loan to run- the tenure of the loan. The options are 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. You just have to click whatever option is favorable to you.

The system will then display how much your monthly repayment amount will be.

You then have to put in your ID Number (with which the company will access your credit information, whether you have defaulted on similar loans in the past or not).

But that is stage one; after you click on that it will present you with another brief page where you will provide your name, address, bank account, proof of ID, and then your mobile phone number. The system will send you a code on your mobile phone, which you will enter into the system.

That is all it takes; you should receive information from your bank within a few minutes, notifying you that the full amount has been credited to your bank account.

Is Unify Credit A Direct Lender?

Yes, Unify Credit is a direct lender; it does not submit your application to any third party, but pays you directly from its own purse. Perhaps this is why the system is so fast.

Does Unify Credit Charge Interest?    

Yes, Unify Credit charges interest that increase with the tenure of the loan you have applied for. The interests are minimal; and the repayment is convenient because you will pay it together with a small monthly installment of the loan. This is very convenient and easy; which is why many people do not even know that the company charges an interest for loans.

What Happens If I Fail To Pay On Time

It is certainly a good idea to carefully access your situation to decide whether or not you can pay back a loan before taking it; this is because defaulting a loan can create a bad credit situation; therefore closing the door for you for further credit, not just from this company, but from other lenders as well.

There are also penalties for late payments including fines and other fees; which mean you get to pay more if you do not pay on time. Once again, it is best to endeavour that you pay up whatever loans you take on time.


Unifi Credit is a loan company that offers quick, unsecured loans from R2000 to R8000 within minutes. This is a direct lender which prides itself in quick processing of loans. Everything is done online; through your phone, computer or tab; just visit their website (provided above) and fill the quick and easy form.

This is a reputable company that works in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda.


This information is provided with the intention of helping people seek financial services that can help them make investments or purchases with long term benefits. It is not an endorsement of taking loans.

Please keep in mind that loans can be addictive, and can derail one from financial sense. Therefore, if you find yourself taking loans regularly, then it may be necessary to speak with a financial planner or any other professional.

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