The Best Universities In Ghana

Ghana has become one of the main centers of education in West Africa. The best universities in Ghana are some of the most highly sought citadels of learning, not just for Ghanaian nationals but for the several thousands of students of other nationalities, including Nigerians, Cameroonians, and others.

Ghana’s education system has been boosted by the smooth administration of the country over the years. It has also been boosted by the rapid development in infrastructure in Ghana, which has opened more opportunities for further development.

The education system in Ghana has also benefited from the decline in Nigeria’s education system; incessant strikes, and an overall decline in the standard of graduates have forced many parents to send their children abroad; and Ghana has ranked highly on the number of available options.

The Best Universities In Ghana

University of Ghana

The University of Ghana is the most prestigious educational institution in the country; having been founded as far back as 1948. The institution is located in Legon, Greater Accra, and is a publicly run and funded institution with a strong orientation towards research.

The University of Ghana is one of the oldest institutions in West Africa; even during the colonial period is was a breeding ground for Academics, and it continues to be so even now. This institution is very attractive to students; it receives between 30,000 and 35,000 student registrations every year, and a good number of them come from outside the country.

The institution does not only produce degree graduates; it also awards various diplomas and certificates; as well as the various professional qualifications. Academics all over the continent also come to the University Of Ghana for research work.

The University of Ghana is well equipped; it has great laboratory facilities, an extensive library, sport facilities, housing accommodation, and many more.

Ashesi University

Ashesi University widely accepted to be one of the best universities in Ghana, even though it is one of the newest in the country. This institution was established in 2002; and it is located in the small, rural town of Berekuso.

Asheshi University has already gained a reputation for having a high standard of education; it produces critical thinkers, as well as professionals who display excellence in carrying out their duties.

The institution’s faculty is made up of much respected academics, who instill excellence in the students. Ashesi University has a very low admission rate of around 10-20%, this institution strives to accept only the best students.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is one of the most popular universities in Ghana; most people refer to it as KNUST. The university was established in 1952.

This is Ghana’s flagship university for the development of scientific ideas and processes; it has a strong culture of research and development. The institution is located in Kumasi Ashanti and has branch campuses in Sunyani, Accra.

Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology are well respected because of the abundance of ideas, and the fact that they have been put through a process of rigorous studying and learning.

Many of its alumni have gone on to become important personalities in the country; not just in the public service, but also in the corporate world, and as entrepreneurs.

University Of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast is a publicly controlled and funded research University in Ghana. It was established in 1962 as a non-profit high institution. It gets its name from its location in the small city of Cape Coast. The University boasts a unique environment; it is one of the few universities in the world that is located on a hill directly overlooking a seafront to which it has access.

The university of Cape Coast is very popular; it has about 80,000 students (both undergraduates and post graduates), and a good number of them are international students.

Even though the schools mandate at the time of its formation was to produce graduate teachers for Ghana, the institution has now all the trappings of a proper university; with all the colleges and faculties to provide well grounded education in a diverse range of studies. Some of the faculties of this institution include:

School of Educational Development & Outreach, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Arts, School of Agriculture, College of Distance Education, College of Education Studies [CES], School of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Science & Technology Education, College of Humanities and Legal Studies [CHLS], Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, School of Business, Professional & Management Development Unit (PMDU), Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development (CESED), College of Health & Allied Sciences [CoHAS], School of Medical Sciences, School of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Allied Health Sciences.

University of Education, Winneba

The University of Education Winneba was established in 1992, and is located in the suburban town of Winneba, in the Central Region of Ghana. The university has campuses in different locations in Ghana; Ashanti Mampong, Kumasi and Ajumako. As the name implies, the university’s core area of specialization is education.

The University of Education Winneba is the premier institution charged with the important duty of teacher education and producing professional educators to bring about the revolution in education which will bring the education system in Ghana to the level which will make it one of the best in the world.

This university has a strong culture of research and innovation, and is involved with the development of new ways of disseminating knowledge and education. The admission rate is around 50% to 60%; there is a fine balance between selecting only the best students, and making efforts to provide education to the people.

Regent University College of Science and Technology

Regent University College of Science and Technology is a private university in Ghana which was established in 2003. The University is located in the urban Greater Accra metropolis.

This university was formerly an evangelical Christian institution; but still holds high moral standards as a part of its core tenets, along with academic excellence, and the motivation to achieve great things in life.

This university which started with 30 students has quickly become popular; some of the faculties at this institution include: School of Business, Leadership and Legal Studies, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Management and Economics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology, Department of Theology, Ministry and Pentecostal Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Allied Sciences (FECAS), Department of Informatics, Department of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences.

All the above departments and faculties are fully accredited.

Valley View University

Valley View University was established in 1979, and is one of the most respected universities in Ghana, because of the academic excellence, and the moral excellence for which it is known. The institute was formally affiliated with the Christian-Adventist religion, and it continues to be a top private institution in Ghana.

Valley View University is located in Oyibi, Kumasi, and Techiman. It is therefore a multi campus institution with some autonomy for the various locations.

Valley View University is affiliated to several top universities around the world, including; Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany;    University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, Germany; University of Hohenheim, Germany ; University of Applied Science, Magdeburg, Germany; Sahmyook University, South Korea; Griggs University in Maryland, USA.

University For Development Studies

The University for Development Studies was established in 1992, and is a public university located in Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana. The goal of this university is to contribute to the development of the Northern Region of the country.

This university is a multi-campus institution; it has locations in four places, (Northern Region, Upper East Region and the Upper West Region), and they all have a great degree of autonomy.

Some of the faculties at this university include: Faculty of Planning and Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, School of Allied Health Sciences. Some of the important Programmes offered are: Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Integrated Development, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Horticulture.

Aside from producing capable professionals, the university is charged with formulating solutions to the many socio economic challenges facing the country; particularly in the north.

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) remains one of the best universities in Ghana because it has stayed true to the tenets of its establishment. The institute was established in 1961 to produce administrators to work in management of government and private establishments which the country badly needed at the time.

Ghana institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) is a public co-educational university, operating in a multi campus format; it has four campuses (Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi). The institution is collegiate in structure; it has six schools, and ten research centers.

Some of the faculties in this institution include: GIMPA Business School, School of Public Service and Governance, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, GIMPA, School of Technology, and also School of Research and Graduate Studies.

This institution is attractive to undergraduate students, as well as postgraduates and researchers. The student body numbers more than 10,000.

Christian Service University College

Christian Service University College traces its history back to 1974. This is one of universities in Ghana that focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is located in the Ghanaian city of Kumasi, and has a student population of about 1,904. The Christian Service University College is affiliated to the University of Ghana, and the University of Cape Coast.

It is a great place to study Theology, Business and Liberal Arts, as well as Information Technology.

Last Word

Ghana has made concerted efforts to ensure that its educational system remains one of the best on the continent. Looking at the best universities in Ghana, one can see that there are several private and non profit institutions, as well as public universities.

Generally speaking; the cost of the education obtainable does not seem to reflect on the quality of the education obtainable. This is one thing that makes the Ghanaian education system unique across the continent.

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