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Ten Skills To Learn In Africa (High Paying Skills)

Africa is really not as poor as people may think; if you have the proper skills you can earn steady money. The question now is choosing which of the over 100 possible skills that one could learn. The goal is to maximize one’s time, so as to make as much money, and so live a decent life.

One could even learn two or three skills at the same time, and gender is not really an issue, although some people still prefer to learn skills that are associated with their gender even though that is an old fashioned way of thinking.

In any case, these skills will help you make consistent money, and you can build upon them to get college degrees, or start a family, or build a business brand, depending on what your priorities may be.

Ten Skills To Learn In Africa

1. Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile phone repair is a very lucrative skill at the moment; good mobile phone technicians can enjoy a good quality of life because there is a lot of demand for their services.

Of course, people do not spend this money lightly; they depend on their mobile phones because it has become their means of communicating with family and friends, marketing their wares, selling their products, their bank, and their hospital.

Mobile Phones are notoriously easy to break; they are just not built to last. But this is good for business; it means that phone technicians (also called phone engineers) have plenty of work on hand, and therefore, plenty of money in their pockets.

However, it seems that this particular gig favours countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Congo because most people in wealthier African countries like Egypt and South Africa just thrash broken mobiles; replacing them with better ones.

2. Graphic Designing

Entrepreneurship is booming in Africa; and Graphic Designers are key to the digital economy which is also a big part of the entrepreneurship drive which we are seeing all over the continent. As mentioned above, mobile phones are central to business; they bring the products right into our homes and offices.

However, business people have quickly learnt that they need quality pictures and graphics to make sales because people get hooked on what they see. Bloggers, Authors, Boutique Owners, and Article Dealers all need Graphic Designers.

Graphic designers can work alone, or they can have several people working for them. They can get clients on social media, and make quite a lot of money from this business. The sheer demand for this kind of work makes Graphic Designing one of the top skills to learn in Africa, especially for those who want to control their time.

3. Marketing

Marketing is an important skill; especially now that there are more businesses springing up all over the place. Marketing helps businesses make money because you need to convince people; give them reasons why they should choose your products over other similar ones in the market, and they can serve as the link between the business or product, and the buyer or end user.

To some, this ability comes naturally, while others have to get it through study. Marketing can be stressful, especially when one has not yet mastered the art, but it is quite rewarding; and master marketers are highly sought after.

If you can learn the skill of marketing, you can become highly respected and rewarded.

4. Generator Repairs

Most Africans suffer from lack of power, and may continue to suffer from this anomaly for a long time to come. However, the silver lining in the cloud is that it presents an opportunity for people to make money because power generators generally breakdown under heavy use.

Learning how to make repairs can be an avenue for one to make a lot of money; one can even establish a big business, and employ people with this simple skill.

5. Solar Installation

Still on the issue of power, solar technology is making waves as a more cost effective alternative to generators; less money is spent on repairs, on fuel, and there is no noise. But acquisition and installation of solar technology can be quite expensive; which is what makes it such a good skill to learn in Africa, now and in the future.

Solar technology probably has more potential for the future than any other power source. Africa will adopt solar technology en masse; and this will create a huge market. However, the best time to acquire this skill is now.

6. Cooking

Cooking is one skill that many young people have foolishly missed out on because they refused to listen to their parents. Well, now they have to learn it the hard way by paying for cooking courses, even those done online. The reason is simple; people cannot do without food, and cooking enables one to profit from this fundamental need.

In the past one would need to apply for work at a hotel or restaurant; or those with the mind to take risks could open their own restaurants or fast food joints; perhaps taking out loans to do so.

Africa is changing rapidly thanks to technology; you can now cook from the comfort of your home and send it by bike delivery services to the doorsteps of your patrons. Of course this is after you have received payment which can be done by the many payment processors across the continent.

If this interests you, then you just need to get a good graphic designer to make attractive images which you will use to advertise your business on social media; facebook, twitter and instagram are good platforms to use- learning how to use hashtags can make everything easier.

Cooking is one of the top skills to learn in Africa; especially because different parts of Africa offer different culinary experiences which are unique. If you can sell yourself as a chef, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

7. Baking

Baking is very similar to cooking; it is all about making confectioneries such as bread, cake, and small snacks. In West Africa these may include meat-pies, burgers, chocolate cakes, buns, and so on. Of course, you have to be really good at it, and you have to do it better than what most people are used to.

Then you have to do a lot of marketing, convincing people to buy your products. This is something you can do from your home, or from a shop or showroom. Baking is good money; aside from what you can make selling bread and snacks, you can make even more because people spend a lot of money on wedding cakes.

Baking is good business when you have the skills. It is certainly worth the effort!

8. Photography

Photography as a skill and as a business faced a decline for several years, but it is now becoming important again. The resurgence of photography is driven by young females who think that they can become mini celebrities just by taking nice pictures and posting them on social media.

A particularly interesting tradition is that women post beautiful pictures of themselves on their birthdays. This is good for business; photographers make a lot of money through this. You can even work as a strictly outdoor photographer, in which you will not even need a studio. It is even better if you learn how to retouch the photos.

Photography is also an essential skill in Africa because photos are a necessity for selling online. People and products need good photos to sell online, and they pay good money for it.

9. Computer Repairs

As the digitization of the continent continues, computers (laptops in particular) continue to play an increasingly important role in our lives and businesses. For example; Graphic Artists, Forex and Crypto Traders, as well as Bloggers all need computers, and then there are the thousands of internet cafes, typists, and such businesses.

They all need the services of computer repairs specialists to fix both software and hardware problems. They will pay well, and promptly because they need these computers to operate their businesses. Therefore Computer Repairs is one of the skills to learn In Africa; it promises a steady flow of income.

10. Blogging    

Blogging is a phenomenon that is quite rewarding as it tasking. It is dynamic; and fast changing but it is something that one can master. Above all else blogging requires that you know how to communicate in a way that is easy for people to understand. That is a skill; you want to be articulate, and at the same time you want to carry everybody along, regardless of whether or not they have any brains.

You can just share news and current events, or post about whatever you are passionate about. When you build an audience, you can start selling adverts on your blog space, and so start making money. You can even hire a few people, and turn your blog into a small company.

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Key Points

No matter where you live in Africa, there are opportunities to make money. One only has to look around to see these opportunities which can arise from the needs of the people, or from the fads and trends which people are willing to spend money on.

If people are willing to spend money on it, then it is worth investing the money and time necessary to learn the skills needed to become proficient in it, so that you can get the money from them.

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