Technology in the World by Countries

Technology is of great value to the countries of the world because it is all about making things better and easier. When things are better and easier it translates to more abundance for less effort. Countries with better technology therefore have better healthcare, better economies, better food security, and better societies generally.

Technology is broken into many different parts; agriculture, medical science, communication, engineering, transportation and military technology.

Technology is a matter of great importance; it can mean the difference between surviving, and seeing a society collapse. These are some of the most advanced countries in terms of technology.

Technology in the World by Countries

1. South Korea           

South Korea is a global leader in technology. The country is noted for the use of technology in growing its economy. Some of South Korea’s strong points include Aerospace Engineering, Biotech Technology, Robotics, and so on.

South Korean electronics brands are also famous around the world. Televisions, Mobile Phones, Fridges, and Air-conditioning Units. South Korea does a lot of research and development of new ideas. The products are innovative are built to improve on earlier designs. For example, many South Korean products now run on solar power, which means they are energy efficient.

South Korea is also a leading country when it comes to the development of medical equipment. The country is also making giant strides in the area of robotics and especially humanoid robots.

Technology provides jobs in the form of research and development, and manufacturing.

2. Japan

Japan is a major force in the area of technology; the country is well known for its automobiles, some of which are the most widely used in the world. Japan is always researching and developing new ideas in automobile technology; presently the area of focus are solar powered cars and electric cars.

Japan is also in the forefront of the development of robotics; there are robots used in restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and so on. Japan is the world headquarters of consumer electronics; television sets, mobile phones, digital cameras, personal entertainment devices, and so on are some of the technology products made in japan and sold globally.

Japan has also put technology to great use in ensuring food security. Fishing ships are highly enhanced to catch and process fish, technology is used to study and adapt to climate change so as not to impact on farming. Furthermore, Japan has a very well developed system of producing rice and pork; both of which are very important foods.

3. Singapore

Singapore is a very small place, but is very big in terms of technology. This is a south Asian country with a population of 4.5 million. Despite its small size this country is an international destination for people from all over the world.

One reason why people come to Singapore is that everything is well organized there. Technology plays a big role in keeping in keeping things organized; for example the area of fintech in which Singapore leased the world.

Fintech in Singapore has boosted the financial services sector, making it one of the best in the world. Singapore also has very good infrastructure in terms of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, health care, security and investing.

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, with the highest concentration of wealth.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and one of the most important places in the world as far knowledge and research are concerned. This is a country in Europe, one that has maintained political neutrality for centuries.

Rather than spend its resources on warfare, it has become a place where people go to invest in things that can bring development and wealth. Technology has helped Switzerland become the world’s pharmaceutical capital, as well as the biggest country for banking and offshore wealth depots.

Switzerland is also famous for its watches; Swiss watches are generally considered the best in the world for durability and accuracy.

5. USA

The USA is one of the best countries in the world for technology especially those that concern military and security applications. The USA is also the world’s leading political and economic power, one that sets the pace and direction of the world.

The USA has used technology to drive growth in its economy; companies like Facebook, twitter, Google, apple, amazon and Microsoft are all global leaders in their various fields. They contribute immensely to the economy in terms of jobs, and provide essential products and services which are used by people around the world.

The US has the biggest treasures in terms of research data in aviation, computers, medical science, pharmaceuticals, and economics. Space travel, laser technology and unmanned flying crafts are some of the frontiers being perfected in the USA; and many are for military applications.

6. China

China is a serious contender in the world of technology; it makes everything from electric cars to smart watches; both of which are sold all around the world. China is an economy that thrives on manufacturing, and that manufacturing is enabled by technology.

China is breaking new ground in the areas of biotechnology, microchips, aircraft designs, Nano technology and so on. Wikipedia states that china may not necessarily create new products, but it greatly increases the efficiency of existing ones. The goal is obviously not to make headlines but to create employment.

China now assists developing countries in the area of infrastructure development, and also exports its products all around the world.

7. Finland

Finland is a small country in northern Europe, but it is one of the highly advanced countries in terms of technology. Finland only has a population of 5.6 million, and yet it is such an important country.

The technology industry is the most important export industry in Finland. Technology companies based in Finland sell their products and services in the international market, thus bringing in foreign exchange back to the country, which is an important part of the nations’ economy.

Electronic products are some of the country’s top exports, including mobile phones, machines, and so on. The country is also blazing the trail when it comes to incorporating technology into infrastructure; such as the new electric trains commissioned in the country. Interestingly, the trains are powered by electricity generated through solar energy. In fact the whole region is doing well in terms of technology Iceland is another example.

8. Iceland

Iceland is a country in the ridge between Northern Europe and America. Culturally it is a Northern European country, quite similar to Norway, Denmark and Finland. Iceland is one of the world’s smallest countries; it only has a population of 376,300.

Despite that small stature, this is a very important country in terms of technology. Iceland has become an important ground for research and development of new ideas and concept, and that is pioneered by the many research centers in the country- many of which are linked with international bodies.

Iceland is a leading ground for the development of new, cheap energy. Mobile phones are also designed in Iceland; they are different in the way they are designed, and in their enhanced functionalities. Iceland is also doing a lot to ensure that fishing companies remain profitable, and fish remains abundant.

9. France

France is a country in Western Europe, one of the cultural and economic superpowers. France has a population of around 68 million, and many more in its former colonies in Africa. France is a historically important country for technology; the stethoscope, pressure cooker, and gyroscope were all invented in that country.

Today, France is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world; France is one of the major pillars of the international space agency. The country is in the forefront in the development of new things such as telesurgery, face transplant, a hand transplant was done a decade before.

France is a fertile ground for research, and it has a wealth of data and information in its educational treasure vaults.

10. The UK

The United Kingdom is just across the Channel from France. This is also a cultural and economic super power; its influence ranges across Africa, America, and Asia. The UK is one of the countries who saw the value of science and development; many of the things in use today were developed in the UK; such as electricity, the jet engine, steam train, and the telephone.

Today, the UK is a leading ground for research and development of new things; pharmaceuticals being one of its strongest points. Other important technological areas include automotive and aeronautical research and development, as well as defense.

The UK is a very attractive place for intellectuals and researchers. The UK government, as well as private organizations spend a lot of money every year on research.

The following is a more extensive list of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

Position Country Location
1 South Korea Asia
2 Japan Asia
3 Singapore Asia
4 Switzerland Europe
5 USA North America
6 China Asia
7 Finland Europe
8 Iceland Europe
9 France Europe
10 UK Europe
11 Netherlands Europe
12 Germany Europe
13 Canada North America
14 Denmark Europe
15 Ireland Europe
16 Austria Europe
17 Norway Europe
18 Luxembourg Europe
19 Sweden Sweden
20 Australia Oceania
21 Spain Western Europe
22 Estonia Europe
23 Malaysia Asia
24 Belgium Western Europe
25 New Zealand Oceania
26 Italy Western Europe
27 Cyprus Europe
28 Portugal Western Europe
29 Qatar Asia
30 Hungary Europe
31 Czech Republic Europe
32 Slovenia Europe
33 South Africa Southern Africa
34 Slovakia Europe
35 Bahrain Asia
36 Chile South America
37 Israel Asia
38 Malta Europe
39 Lithuania Europe
40 Tunisia North Africa
41 Greece Europe
42 Latvia Europe
43 UAE Asia
44 Thailand Asia
45 Mauritius East Africa
46 Kuwait Asia
47 Croatia Europe
48 Russia Eastern Europe
49 Saudi Arabia Asia
50 India Asia

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An important thing to note is that countries do not always reveal all the details of their technological development, especially when it concerns technology that could be put to military use. This presentation of the world’s countries with the best technology is therefore based on available information.

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