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5 Skills You Need To Survive the End Of The World

Zombie and Apocalyptic movies are not in short supply these days. From Mad Max to Zombieland there is a ridiculously long list of such movies. Production companies keep pushing them out because they are quite popular. People are addicted to such movies; we love watching people eat rats and bugs on TV. We love seeing people pass through unspeakable dangers on a daily basis- it gives us this primordial kick.

But let us imagine for a second that our worst nightmare (or daydream) did come to pass, and we were faced with a nuclear apocalypse. Let us imagine that society as we know it got wiped out, and that you the reader happened to be among the few survivors. That means you happened to be among those who did not die from the initial explosion, or from the fall out.

No military, no government, no economy. Remember that manufacturing would immediately stop, and that there would be no production of food items. Whatever food you have stored in your fridge would soon go bad because there would be no power, and even if there was power, the food would soon run out.


Evading Predators

For the Purpose of keeping this post realistic, let us agree that zombies are a bit far-fetched. However, as we saw during the Corona Virus lockdowns of 2020/2021, nature is quick to reclaim territory, and so wild animals would soon take over the streets. Lets say there were actually wolves, bears, and lions and crocodiles on the streets. So how long would it take for you to end up in the belly of a snake?

Evading predators would mean staying alive. That would be the number one skill anyone would need in the event of an apocalypse. Yes, you would need to would mean keeping away from those who like to make you their lunch. So how fast can you run? Can you climb a tree? If you happened to find a river in front of you, and an animal running after you, could you swim to safety? Would you even know you were being hunted, or would you just freeze as you heard a roar? When was the last time you went out doors?

A further thing to take note of is the fact that society tends to break down quickly when people get desperate. People would actually try to rob one another for whatever supplies they could get, and without a government, there would be nobody to stop them. Therefore, you would have to fight off hostile humans just as hard as you would have to fight off wild animals.

Gardening and Farming

Nothing switches off the brain like hunger-unless you are a man, and then sex could switch off the ability to think as well. The ability to grow your own food could therefore be a major factor in deciding whether you survive an apocalypse.

Have you ever planted a seed in your life? You need to! It becomes a surprise that gardening is not taught in the public school system. This is the most basic human activity that provides one of our basic needs: food. With food on your table you would be less inclined to venture out at unfavorable times, and that could keep you safe if the world were to suddenly end.

It doesn’t even matter whether you live in a city or in a rural area; gardening is gardening, whether it is done on a roof top, or in a yard. Apart from the produce you would make from your gardening, there is the serenity you get from nurturing plants and watching them grow. There are no words for this, you have to experience it to understand.

Hunting and Foraging

If you found yourself out of supplies you could have no choice but to forage in the nearby bushes or forest. Just picture yourself tiptoeing in the forest, carrying a shot gun or even an AR 15. So how long before you shot yourself in the foot? How long would it take you to kill yourself by eating a poisoned berry, or poisonous mushroom?

Yeah your gun looks good at pride marches, and when you are protesting anti gun legislature, but do you even know how to use that thing besides waving it around as a status symbol? In times of peril, a gun can put food on the table. You should also learn a thing or two about what fruits and mushrooms are edible and what are not.

Again, when was the last time you went camping? This activity will help you hone your instincts and reconnect with nature.


Making a Fire

So let’s say you went on a successful hunt, and then you switched on your stove, only to find that you were out of gas. What then? Do you know how to start a camp fire? Ok you have read it in a book. Have you ever done it before? Do you know how to do it without setting your house or the entire forest on fire? In a zombie apocalypse you may not have time to learn.


Managing Health

This is a tricky one; not everyone is a medical professional. Nevertheless, you can manage to stay healthy by maintaining personal hygiene. This is especially true if you have children with you. you would also need to get regular exercise, get a good amount of sunlight, and keep food items covered and utensils clean. You would also need to recognize early the common illnesses, and be familiar with the medication with which to treat them.



Our great grandparents would not recognize humanity today; a brainwashed generation that live their lives with a screen in their faces. We spend all our time with technology, and we even think having robots cook our meals is a good thing! Facebook and instagram are great, but we need to have a taste of reality every now and then. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get outside once in a while (or everyday) and get some exercise.

It wouldn’t kill you!

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