The Secret of Money they don’t want You to Know

The truth is; every empty mind out there is conditioned to run after money just like chickens are conditioned to run after the seeds of corn thrown onto the field. They all want it even though they have no idea what money is and how it works.

Sadly, most people will spend all their lives in poverty, and not even winning the lottery will change that outcome. You are above that, and that is why we want you think: What is Money? Where does Money Come From? Why do I need Money? How can I get Money? Let us now answer those questions together, one after the other.

What is Money?

Money is a means of exchange of value which can be goods or services. Money did not arise spontaneously; it came out of necessity. Money is an advancement of society. Proof that man develops or evolves (mentally) as time goes on.

In the old days society depended on trade by barter. This involved people exchanging one type of product for another by mutual consent. But that kind of trade had too many problems:

  1. One may be forced to accept more of the product than he needs, or can use within a short time, meaning that some of the product could go bad. That would amount to a loss.
  2. One could have to give out too much of his original product in exchange for something else, because it would be difficult to place a specific value on any particular item.
  3. One may be forced to stock too much in his home, attracting thieves.

The problems were many, and made life rather difficult. As society continued to develop, we started looking for things that were tangible, long lasting, and portable; items that could serve as a means of exchange. Salt, Cowries, Spices, and Gold all served as currency at different times, and in different places, on the long timeline of human development.

To keep this post short we will only dwell on precious metals; gold and silver which seem to have become popular in the Middle and Far East long, long before our Common Era. A farmer could exchange his harvest for gold, and then store that gold for decades thereby saving the value for future use. He could then exchange that value for goods and services at his convenience; not because they would soon go bad if he didn’t.

The question was ‘what is money?’ the answer is ‘money is anything that can be used as a means of exchange.’ Money is not that green paper!

Where does Money Come From?

Money as we know it today comes from the bank. How does it get to the bank? The government puts it there. How does the government get it? The government prints the money. Out of thin air! That’s right; they get paper and ink, and let the money printer go brrrrr!!

Should you really work tirelessly day and night for that inked up piece of paper? Something that’s not even real?

Back in china where the first paper money was issued, it actually meant something. It meant that there was a stash of gold in keeping, and that the bearer of the paper was entitled to the real thing. Following that tradition, the Unites States Dollar was backed by gold until june 5, 1933.

Now, money is just a piece of paper with no intrinsic value. It is amazing that people continue to accept it.

Why do I need Money?

You need money to put food on your table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head. That green paper can serve as a quick means of exchange to get these necessary things. The secret is to differentiate between real money and fake money, and to know how much of each you need. We will come to that later in this post, but let us continue with why you need money.

Money can help you get prompt medical attention when you need it, and also pay for that dream vacation, or car you want so bad. There is no doubt about it; you need a steady source of money if you are going to enjoy a good quality of life.

Money As A Security

When you start to think about your future, however, you come to realize that what you actually need to store is value. Real value. Real money liberates, but fake money enslaves. Paper money is a trap designed to keep you enslaved forever.

Imagine this: you save up money in a bank; you travel for about ten years, when you get back your money has not increased; it has actually reduced. Something called inflation has gradually eaten up the value of your money; the paper is still there, but it’s worth is far less than when you left it. A trinket which would cost $1 in 1800 would cost you $21 in 2021.

Let’s say you have $200,000 and you wanted to buy a house, but decided to keep that money for x years, so maybe your son or grandson could buy that house. Well, that house would then cost $4,200,000. That’s $4.2 million. Your $200,000 would not even be good for a down payment.

The truth is; the bank wouldn’t even let you have that kind of money. They would gradually pinch it through charges and fees, until all the money is gone.

We repeat that paper money is worthless; what you need is real value. The Secret of money is knowing how to create that value.

Just a simple question: do you think Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos have money in the bank? Surely they have enough to pay for food, but the answer is no. Their money is in the value they create, and the way they store it. Rich people create and retain value; that value is only calculated in dollars! That is the great secret of money!!

How Can I Make Money?

Talented people and geniuses have an unfair advantage over the rest of us; they can dream up ideas that can turn them into billionaires within a short time. The rest of us ‘Regular Joes’ have to take the long road to freedom. Start with a job. Train your mind and body to be hard-working.

Learn to manage money. This means cutting out unnecessary spending, especially on pieces of junk like electronic gadgets, and so on.

Make sure you set something aside from each paycheck. Most banks will immediately start pinching your money, so you want to turn it into real money, or real value as soon as you can.

The ultimate goal should be starting a business which generates value. One asset that has stood the test of time as a store of value is gold. Find out how to get your hands on some of that. Please be careful; not all that glitters is gold.

Another thing that people will continue to need is a roof over their heads. The earlier you can buy or build a house, the better for your financial future.


Now that you know the difference between paper money and real money, you have to take action by investing your time and money into learning more about assets. This could be done by reading books, and taking courses on investing. The truth will set you free.  


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