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Quality Clothes May be Cheaper

Outrageous as it may sound, quality clothes may indeed be cheaper on the long run than low price garbs. One can probably make more savings by purchasing quality clothing, than by spending money time and again on fake clothes.

The reason is simple; corporations are greedy.

However, knowing how to dodge that greed is the key to saving money without necessarily compromising on quality and style, as this article will show.

Quality Clothes May be Cheaper (How To Dress Well Without Going Broke)

The secret is that clothes these days are simply built to not last. The truth is, this should not be a secret at all; the evidence is all around you.

For example; have you noticed that tights quickly have a small hole on the inside and that small hole quickly spreads into a big stretchy line? Have you noticed that aside from this defect, the rest of the clothing item will probably last forever?

Example 2: Have you noticed that after a few washes some clothes start to have tiny pieces of cotton coming out of the fabric? Those things are called pills, and they just make you hate the clothes don’t they?

The two examples above can prove that fashion houses, just like every other greedy industry actively try to stimulate demand to the detriment of consumers. You can dodge that bullet by avoid consumerism completely. How?

Buy Clothes From The Previous Year

This is one secret for which you should probably pay some money; but purchasing your clothes from the previous year’s stocks could help reduce the risks of buying those that have been created to become useless after 12 months.

If they have been designed to tear or to pill, then they would have already done so, and then of course you would not buy such clothes.

Clothing shops regularly have clearance sales to get rid of old stocks, and make room for new ones. This may help one get the clothes for less expense. Quality assurance on the other hand may come with buying used clothes.

Note: it is easier to spot previous years clothes if the designs feature prominently on them. One could try buying plain clothes rather than those with brand names or logos plastered all over them.

Buy Used Clothes

Buying clothes from the previous year alone may not be enough; buying used clothes may offer quality protection because the clothes have lasted after some use. If they were designed to tear after some use, then they would have already done so, while if they were designed to pill after a few washes then that should have already taken place.

Buying used clothes therefore offers several economic advantages, if only one can get ego out of the way.

Buy Clothes Made From A Single Material

You may re-read example two for further explanation. In a disgraceful bit of flagrant over-profiteering, fashion houses mix incompatible materials into single fabrics to make them spoil after some time. Remember that this is no mistake; it is the result of careful research and planning.

The effects of this can be seen in the pilling of clothes; shrinking of material; rough, rumpled feel of some clothes regardless of ironing, and the much discussed ripping or laddering of tights.

Buying clothes made from a single material saves you from this problem. You just have to read the label on the inside to confirm that it says 100% cotton, or 100% polyester. There is probably more to this science than is publicly known at the moment, but this should offer sufficient protection.

Buy Clothes From Quality Brands

It seems that high quality clothing brands are less likely to shanghai buyers into spending money on clothes that are rubbish. It is with this idea that quality clothes may be cheaper in the long run; money spent on clothes will be reduced because they are more likely to last long, and they are less likely to force one to return to the store soon.

A bonus point is buying clothes from the same brand. After buying quality pieces of clothing from a particular brand, one may choose to continue with that particular brand in future purchases to avoid taking the risk with other brands.

Note: once again, rather than buying clothes with logos and brand names plastered all around them; one can buy plain clothes from quality brands, and use them for longer periods without them ‘going out of style.’


All the major clothing brands can be found in thrift stores; so there is no question of a conflict or contradiction of the ideas presented here.

Quality clothes can be cheap and satisfactory as long as one has no desire to ‘keep up with the Jones,’ or to stay on top of fashion trends. With some effort, one can learn how to look and feel good without necessarily breaking the bank, and the savings made can then be put to use in other aspects of ones’ life.

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