Promising Careers In Africa For The Future

Africa is marching forward, and the best thing is to march forward with it in one’s choice of work. These are some promising careers in Africa for the future; via which one can not only make a lot of money, but also contribute to the growth and development of the continent.

These are emerging careers; scarce skills that will be absolutely necessary in the near future as the continent enters the next phase of development so as to catch up to the first world.

Promising Careers In Africa For The Future

Medical Practitioners

Presently, most of Africa is hard hit by the exodus of Doctors and Nurses to Europe, America, and even Asia. They want better pay, more convenient working conditions, and the opportunity to have a say in the administration of their work. This Exodus of medical workers creates both a problem and an opportunity.

If the brain drain continues, then many African countries will have empty hospitals in the near future. Those empty hospitals create an opportunity; Medical Practitioners in Africa are going to be the special citizens; the most important people in society. They will earn fabulous amounts of money, and wield great influence.

Studying any medical course could therefore be the wisest decision one will ever make in his life.

Software Application Developers

Software Application Developers take ideas and turn them into reality using hardware interfaces such as phones, computers and tablets. The goal is to help us do things easier; and there is a lot of money in this line of work. As we have seen online software applications can be worth billions almost instantly.

Africa has not even begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in this field; Financial Technology, Dating and Matchmaking, communication and so on are just some of the applications that this kind of technology can be put to.

Software Application Developers can work for big companies, and they can also establish their own firms via which they can consult for existing companies, or they can release products directly to the market.

Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers are some of the essential workers of the modern age; they build and maintain platforms that enable computers to behave in certain ways and to carry out their intended functions. Computers are essential to buying and selling today; the world’s economy literally runs online today. Therefore, we need more able and qualified programmers to sell our products so that the economy does not collapse.

Another way of looking at it is this; if Africans do not compete favorably, then the African market will be dominated by foreign e commerce websites, with the result that we will empty our wallets to foreign companies in something the technocrats call capital flight.

Computer Programmers are also important to Financial Technology (e banking), and to communication. News websites, blogs, and internet forums all need computer programmers to function optimally.

Computer Programmers will determine whether or not Africa will participate in the crypto space. Yes, bitcoin is universal, but just imagine the potentials if Africa has a crypto currency it actually controls.

Computer Programmers will also be essential towards harnessing Africa’s potential in digital advertising. Computer Programming is one of the most important careers for the future of Africa.

Digital Marketers

Selling on the internet is a whole new science; it takes a special kind of knowing to convince people to buy a product without actually being in front of them, and without them actually touching and feeling the product.

Digital Marketers or E Marketers sell everything from Books to Cars online; and there are various ways via which they get their money. Because commerce is going online; we are going to need more digital marketers to hold up the economy.

This is quite a lucrative career path; talented people can establish their own marketing agencies and help brand push their products online. They can have their own offices and employees, and be their own CEOs.

Just by being able to craft catchy lines and attractive images to boost sales, one can create a value chain; working with social media influencers to sell products for brands both big and small.

Pharmaceutical Scientists

Follow the money; American billionaires are investing heavily in medical research not because they want to make the world a better place, but because they want to hold the balance of power in their hands.

Yes, the power is no longer in the hands of the man with nuclear weapons; it is the hands of the person who can produce drugs and vaccines because illnesses are getting deadlier, and populations are at risk of getting wiped out.

Pharmaceutical Scientists are going to be some of the most important people in Africa because their work is all that will stop the continent from being at the mercy of big pharma.


Do not think of Agriculture like the way it was during the time of our grand fathers; this is not agriculture with cutlasses and hoes. Modern agricultural methods minimize effort and maximize output.  Many of the richest and most powerful members of society are involved in agriculture in one way or another.

With time, Africa will start to realize that it needs to ensure food security for its citizens, and in order to do so, farmers have to be given a special pride of place. Farming is therefore one of the top careers in Africa for the future.

Furthermore, you can go a step further by processing and packaging your produce, and then shipping directly to shopping centers. This will help maximize profits.

Herbal Medicine Practitioners 

Anybody who laughs at this point is not in tune with the present realities, and has no idea what the future holds. Humanity is being overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of illnesses. Furthermore, many disease pathogens are becoming resistant to drugs, meaning that if alternatives are not soon found, mankind may see casualties in large numbers.

Presently, there are already alternative medicine companies that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not just in America but also in Asia and Africa.

As a Herbal Medical Practitioner you can work with any of them as a researcher, or even start your own health company. If you can formulate a product not previously available in the market; then you have an added advantage. This is a billion dollar industry; the possibilities are endless.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or machine learning is a facet of computing that Africa needs to grapple with sooner or later. Failing to at least be able to hold its ground in this regard will mean that Africa will again have to be dependent on foreign powers in the next phase of civilization.

One of the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence is futures trading; there are robots making millions in stock, crypto, and currency trading. These robots are making their proprietors rich and powerful, and contributing to their economies.

Just to be sure; there are already some decent robots made by Africans, but the continent certainly needs more people with the skills to build these things so that we can increase participation in the global markets.

Other applications of Artificial Intelligence include security, and agriculture. AI can make life easier in so many ways.


Engineering is an absolutely necessary field; as the African populations continue to grow, advancements must be made in building and construction such that space is maximized, and the environment is effectively managed. Furthermore the world is marching ahead in terms of automobile technology, meaning that Africa will be left behind when it comes to future vehicular technology; solar and self driving cars.

More effective trains and planes are also been designed presently, and Africa may continue to lag behind in this regard as well, unless brilliant engineers spring up. With these aforementioned needs, it becomes clear that the demand for engineers makes it one of the most promising careers in Africa for the Future

If Elon Musk could get so fantastically rich by designing vehicles, it shows that engineering is a very lucrative field, and that you can make a lot of money by committing your heart to it.

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Closing Thoughts

Africa does not need more employees; the continent desperately needs people who can create value chains that can create employment opportunities for the teeming populations.

While these career options that have been highlighted can provide jobs, the focus is not to make salary earners; rather to inspire the next generation of African business leaders. Hopefully, young readers can find their spark, and embrace career options that can set them on the path to greatness, so that they can positively affect the continent.

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