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Print On Demand In South Africa

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but you are not the first person to think of starting a business using printify in South Africa. There are already many South African entrepreneurs who have attained various levels of success using this model.

For example; the plain white shirts with the HD pictures of sea life is quite popular. It is made using this business model of print on demand and dropshipping to the buyer. The good thing is; this success does not stand in the way of yours.

Rather, it actually shows that there is a lot of unrealized potential in this. The following paragraphs will explain why.

Print On Demand In South Africa – Opportunity That Cannot Be Missed

Everywhere you look in South Africa, you find young people wearing clothes that stand out. Rather than being walking billboards – displaying names and logos of popular clothing designers, they now wear clothes that are different.

The clothes are different because instead of logos they bear flowers, paintings, pictures, and other forms of art. Some bear images of nature, while others bear abstract designs.

Clothing like this is popping up all over the place; in the campuses, on the beaches, in the cafes, and in the restaurants. The clothing revolution is spearheaded by young people. When something becomes popular among young people, it tends to become significant. Young people in South Africa number some 22.12 million people which is a significant market.

That market is available if one understands why it exists.

Why Are they Doing this?

A sense of personal identity. Clothing is not just a matter of covering the body so that one is not naked; it is a matter of style. One can be identified by the way one dresses. It shows ones’ understanding, ones tastes, and one’s identity.

It is important to remember that certain professions are identified by the way they dress; doctors, preachers, sex workers.

Young people wearing print on demand clothing are therefore saying “I don’t have to wear what everyone else wears.” “I have my own style.” “I can think for myself.”

Just like a small piece of ice rolling down a mountain can cause an avalanche, this thinking has become significant.

A Trend In Fashion

Sometimes people wear something just because other people are wearing it. The logic is quite simple actually; they see something on someone, notice it on another person, a spot it on a third person.

They like it, and want to have it as well. Next time they go shopping they find it prominently displayed in the front of the store (or e store) because they are not the first to have request that exact same item.

The evidence shows that this has already happened with print on demand clothing designs; this is why they are popular, and you are reading this article.

The next point is equally important, but less significant.

Supporting Friends Or Compatriots

Many times people buy items to support the entrepreneurial efforts of friends, family, workmates, and acquaintances. It is goodwill. Social media plays a part in this; it helps everyone stay in touch, and to see what everyone is selling.

Generally this is not as significant as a fashion trend, but when a very popular person sells something they usually make a lot of sales.

Family and friends can be a good spring board. If you have enough of them you should start the selling as soon as possible.

By now you should want to know how print on demand works.

How It Works

You need to sign up to a print on demand service. The most popular presently are,, and They will handle the production of the clothes, and they will also deliver to your buyers. But the designs will be yours and you will determine the prices at which the clothes will be sold.

Marketing of the clothes will be your responsibility; you will need a website, and probably a lot of social media publicity. The company can give you a website, which will be like an online store – where you will put all your products. The social media will be how you get people to see your products.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are favorites. They have been used by countless numbers of fashionistas to promote their brands – and they still have the potential for more. But at the end of the day it is the designs that will determine sales.

You need some designs. The first thing that a fashion house needs is to have designs. That will form the basis upon which the business is built. A print on demand clothing business is still a fashion house – just not a very big one.

You make the designs, and you put them in front of people, but the company handles everything else. They usually ship the products anywhere in the world.

Further Reading:

Print on demand is not just a way to make money for the time being; it is a way to grow a brand, and establish something that can endure. It can be a launch pad to a very profitable clothing business.

Clothes are not the items that can be sold via this model; shoes, bags, and other fashion, and personal use items can also make big sales.

The good thing about print on demand business models is that it is unlikely that one loses a huge amount of money. However, there is no guarantee of making money from the venture. This is especially so because sometimes people are not motivated to put in the work when they have nothing at stake.

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