Ngolo Kante’s Journey From Street Hawker To Superstar?

There are hardly any more impressive Grass to Grace stories out there than Ngolo Kante’s journey from street hawker to superstar. Football lovers from all over the world have expressed their fondness for him; he is very humble, soft spoken, gentle, and kind.

Ngolo Kante has never been known to be involved in any scandal; or any unsavory behavior. He is a professional to the core; and works very hard on the field. When the days’ work is done, he flashes that timid smile, and claps his hands in appreciation of the fans’ love and support.

Ngolo Kante is living the dream; he is winning trophy after trophy, and making wheelbarrows full of money. But it was always like this; he came from poverty, and he struggled to survive. Read his origin story.

Ngolo Kante’s Humble Beginings

Ngolo Kante was born to Malian parents in the poorer suburbs of Paris called Rueil Malmaison. He was born on the 29th of March 1991. Ngolo Kante had to struggle to survive; even though he started his journey into football at about 8 years old, there was hardly enough to eat and keep clothed.

Kanté began his career at the age of eight at JS Suresnes, but then his father died when he was about eleven years old; further compounding his financial desperation. He is the oldest sibling in his family; and so he had to resort to scavenging to put food on the table.*

The items were taken to recyclers and salvagers who would fix them and put them on the market. This did not always guarantee that he returned home with money, so Ngolo Kante switched to hawking; he sold sugar cane and bathroom slippers# while his mom worked as a cleaner.

Sources for the claim of Kante being a hawker at a time are quite questionable.

His Journey In Football

When a person has the talent for something, said talent can usually not be hidden. While at JS Suresnes he became well liked by everyone, and the President of the club took a special interest in him; he introduced him to several people including Arsene Wenger who was at the time the manager of Arsenal FC of England.

It was Boulogne (then playing in Ligue 2) who gave him a chance; and he debuted for them at a time when they were already relegated to the third tier of French Football.

After one year at Boulogne in the third tier, he went to Caen in 2013 and played with them in the Ligue 2. Kante played for Caen for two seasons; impressing with his high rate of interceptions and tackles. His displays at Caen became the spring board that changed his life, and the lives of his family members

Ngolo Kante the Millionaire Midfielder

In 2015 Ngolo Kante joined Leicester City as a replacement for Esteban Cambiasso. Even though the transfer fee was undisclosed at the time, Wikipedia reports that it was around €8 million (£5.6 million).

That year he made 175 tackles and 157 interceptions; which were unmatched by any other player in the league. He also helped Leicester City win the English Premier League for the first time in their history.

Even though he had been signed for a 4 year deal; Chelsea came knocking with enough money to tear up his existing contract with Leicester City.

Interest From Chelsea, Mali, and France

He was first invited to play for Mali, but as at that time he was still working his way up in French league football. It is not clear whether Mali invited him again, but after signing the contract with Chelsea he was invited to play for France in 2016.

Ngolo Kante went on to establish himself as one of the best midfielders in the world; winning over the love of fans and football lovers for his work-rate, selflessness, and determination.

Ngolo Kante Honors

Ngolo Kante has won several laurels; Premier League title x2 (one with Leicester City, and another with Chelsea), FA Cup: 2017–18, UEFA Champions League: 2020–21, UEFA Europa League: 2018–19, UEFA Super Cup: 2021, FIFA Club World Cup: 2021.

With France he won the FIFA World Cup: 2018.

Ngolo Kante has won so many individual awards; he play usually stands out.

Ngolo Kante Lifestyle

Ngolo Kante lives a quiet lifestyle. Despite the huge amount he earns, he lives quite simply. He drives a Coupe; and when a team mate asked him if he was driving the same car for the second year he replied that he it was a new one. He had sent the one from last year back home to his brother in France.

Even when Chelsea offered to pay some of his salary to an offshore account to avoid taxes, he refused the offer saying he just wanted a normal salary.

*, # Source is  Article titled From Sugar Cane Hawker To World Cup Winner, Meet The Player Who Hawked Sugar Cane Before Fame (Pulled on 21 August 21, 2022)

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