Next Crypto To Go Up April 2024

The next crypto to go up include the likes of Alterprotol and Sponge V2, if the news and buzz surrounding them are anything to go by. With the buzz returning to crypto at the turn of the New Year, many traders and investors have been in eager anticipation of the Bull Run.

Leading the charge as always have been Bitcoin and Ethereum; both of which have made massive gains in the last few months, although in a very choppy market.

The choppy market has not dimmed the enthusiasm of the crypto faithful, and the market has even managed to draw in new people.

Next Cryptocurrency To Go Up

What are the next cryptocurrency to explode? It is hard to think of any crypto that will not make gains in the coming Bull Run; the buzz is all in the air, and market participants are aware of the effects of the soon coming Bitcoin Halving.

However, as with all kinds of speculative investments, timing is key, and will make all the difference as to whether one makes profits or losses from the investment. Therefore, having analyzed the movements on the charts, and the news filtering in, the following are the most attractive.


There is a great deal of positive news coming out about Ethereum at the moment; informed people within the world of institutional investing have repeatedly said that it could be the only crypto aside bitcoin to get approval for investing as an Exchange Traded Fund.

The incoming news is already showing its effects; Ethereum has been one of the most mentioned assets in the crypto word of late.


As if to further fan the flames of interest in Ethereum, news came out that several top investment houses such as Fidelity, Blackrock, and Franklin Templeton had all submitted applications for approval of Ethereum ETFs.

Such a development will almost certainly see literally billions of dollars pumped into the asset, certainly driving up prices. Investors who are interested in capital gains therefore know that the best time to invest in an asset is before the move.

These savvy investment houses are betting on Ethereum because they know the potential it portends for the world of finance with the ability to send large funds across the world in a matter of seconds. This potential is further boosted by the price action.

A look at the price charts shows that Ethereum is well positioned for a buy. It is right on the trend line, and has consolidated for a while, even rejected what looked like a move downwards. That shows that buyers are showing up, and that the price will soon go up.

Taraxa (Tara)

Tara is another interesting prospect; one that has a good mix of positive news, and a compelling appearance on the price charts.

Within the last 24 hours Tara has seen over $1,081,451 USD in trading volume, and a 7.52% price increase. That puts it on the radar of any crypto watchers who want to see the next cryptocurrency to go up in the near future. In fact, the statistics above are indicative of a crypto that is already exploding.

Tara is not just some speculative asset; it is real technology that can change the world. It uses the highly secure t Graph consensus, which utilizes blockDAG to execute smart contracts.

This can have many real world applications such as sending and receiving large funds in real time, use for making online digital payments for goods and services, and the storage of information.

Even though small cap assets should not be judged purely on the basis of their performances on the price charts, Tara is clearly bullish on almost all time frames, and looks good for the medium to long term. Investors who want to invest in a crypto with the prospect of making large gains in the long term may find that Tara is the asset of choice.

The Tara team recently announced that it was testing a design to make staking yields less sensitive to hardware malfunctions. This would theoretically make Tara one of the safest tokens in the world, probably attracting more people to the asset. https://twitter.com/taraxa_project/status/1758113939140104637?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet


AlterProtocol is a relatively new crypto token, but it is ground breaking because it offers more than just a way to send and receive money. This is also a platform for builders, developers and thinkers to find funding for their projects. AlterProtocol has a global appeal, and has the potential to bring a true digital revolution.

Such a project will no doubt draw the attention of investors and speculators around the world, and will no doubt see huge capital inflows. The official twitter handle recently announced that it has reached a new milestone of 50 thousand followers. https://twitter.com/Alter_ATPO/status/1759027083995717806

This kind of rapid interest, and the capital inflow that follow are what drives prices upwards, and rewards investors.

AlterProtocol is getting a lot of attention on all social media platforms; traders are betting that it will go big real soon. Its incorporation of a free mining system on its app also makes it all the more interesting to investors because it can potentially offer the chance to make significant wealth without any losses.

Presently, the developers have announced a close to the mining, and also that they have now focused their attention on KYC, which is a precursor to the official launch of the coins. Investors who have missed out on the mining can therefore purchase these coins as soon as they go live.


To join the Alterprotocol community, and to find out more about this great new development, visit their telegram channel: https://t.me/AlterProtocolChat

Sponge V2

Sponge V2 is a memecoin; its purpose is to pay homage to the globally recognized cartoon series known as Spongebob. There was an earlier version of this coin, and even though that was memecoin, it produced great gains; going on a lengthy bull run which proved to be quite rewarding for investors.

History is on the verge of repeating itself; Sponge V2 is already drawing attention and generating momentum. Crypto investments run on momentum; investors must recognize the early signs of that momentum so as to position themselves accordingly.

The major advantage that this coin has is that it is very recognizable; based on a cartoon series that has been on air for more than 20 years, there is hardly a person on earth who can claim not to recognize the characters. This recognition gives Sponge V2 an edge over even some important projects with clear use cases because a popular meme has the potential to go viral, and viral marketing makes money.

Several news outlets have hailed Sponge V2 as the next big meme coin, and that is confirmation of the suspicion that the crypto is set to explode soon.

Memecoins have already began to see upticks in their prices; the impending arrival of Sponge V2 could bring investors eyes back to this class of assets; thereby bringing back liquidity to it. Many memecoin advocates insist that it was going to happen anyway.

Interestingly, this coin is not minable, but it is something that investors can get before it launches by buying stakes. To do so just visit the official website: https://spongetoken.vip

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Having highlighted the next cryptocurrency to explode, investors know that they need to act fast because the world of crypto does not wait for anyone. Rather than put all their funds into one asset it is usually best to spread the investment as much as possible.

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