Most Popular Phones In Africa

Communication is strategic to business, to life, and to security; it is just something we cannot do without. However, in this peculiar market, the most popular phones in Africa, do not necessarily mean the highest selling phone brands on the continent. The disparity between both concepts is caused by the lack of purchasing power among people on the continent. In other words, Africans like these phones, but they are not always able to afford them.

Due to effective marketing strategies, many of the phones that are popular in Africa are the same types that are popular in the American and European markets. No distinction will be made in this post as to whether the products come from America, Europe, or Asia. As far as the phones have a share of the African market, they will be featured.

Some factors that can contribute to a phone’s popularity may include the camera (picture quality), durability, price, and of course the battery life. Here are some of these phones doing well in Africa.

Most Popular Phones In Africa

1. iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular phone brand across Africa and the world; some of its strong-holds include Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt.

In Nigeria, iphones are a status symbol; the iphone brand is the most common; in a gathering of 100 people you could find 30 of them are iphone users. Many of the young people ensure they get the latest version every year or two. It is not uncommon to find them using these phones in combination with smaller phones with better battery life.

In South Africa iPhones account for about 15.6% of the market; in a gathering of 100 people you would probably find 15 of them using iphones.

In Ghana, the situation is quite similar to that of Nigeria; iphone is arguable the most popular phone brand, although it has Samsung to contend with.

In Egypt the iphone is the third most popular phone brand; yes the phones are quality, but perhaps the prices are too high. Besides used phones are not the most favored in Egypt.

2. Samsung

Samsung is a beloved phone brand in much of Africa for the quality of products they make. Even though Samsung Phones are generally expensive; they remain popular because they can remain in use for several years without significant depreciation in the camera, screen, and functionality.

Many of the phones are used in America and Europe before being shipped into sub Saharan Africa. Nevertheless, they are much beloved.

In Nigeria; Samsung Phones are the second most popular phone brand; in a gathering of 100 people, it could be found in the hands of 23. However, those 23 would be professionals; young working class people, and those who require functionality.

In South Africa; Samsung is the most preferred mobile phone brand. In a random gathering of 100 people, 47 of them would be found with Samsung Phones.

In Ghana; Samsung is also very popular. Samsung phones are the most popular (tie with iphone); most respondents to any survey would name Samsung as their phones of choice.

In Egypt; Samsung is the number one mobile phone brand. While other types of phones are also popular; Samsung is absolutely beloved by the people.

3. Nokia

Nokia is one of the names that have endured in the African market. While it achieved great success during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the company has lost much of its market share to the names mentioned above.

However, Nokia has done quite well as a company; it has transitioned from a maker of basic phones (like the 3310) to complex smart phones that will perhaps live up to the legacy of durability for which the company became famous in the 90s.

In Nigeria; Nokia has only a small share of the market; out of 100 people only 8 may be found with Nokia phones, but those are significant numbers when you consider the fact that the country has a population of about 150 million people.

In South Africa; Nokia is third most popular phone brand; South Africans are very practical people; they value functionality above all else. Nokia phones are many and diverse; the basic ones are more popular in the rurals, while the smart phones are very popular among young professionals in the cities.

In Ghana; Nokia phones are very popular. In a gathering of 100 people, as many as 50 of them could be found with Nokia phones, regardless of whether they are smart phones or not.

In Egypt; Nokia phones are not very popular; although there is still time to make in-roads into this market.

4. Huawei

Huawei is a premium phone maker; one that has been noted for high quality phones. This phone maker can equal any of the biggest names from Europe when it comes to quality. The brand has become a threat to the more established names in Europe; and it is one of the most popular phones in Africa.

In Nigeria; Huawei is very well known. If it had cheaper models it would probably sell more copies than some of the others that sell higher volumes. Nevertheless, Huawei commands around 4 percent of the market.

In South Africa; Huawei is the fifth most popular phone brand. No surprises here; South Africans are very practical people; and they demand high quality.

In Egypt; Huawei is the second most popular phone brand; it commands 19% of the market. Huawei phones are loved for their quality and durability.

In Ghana; Huawei is the seventh highest selling phone brand; although it is much more popular than that. The problem is that most people cannot afford such high quality mobiles; so they buy cheaper ones.

5. Tecno

Tecno is a Chinese phone maker; one that makes phones suited to the (1) African market. The company has made much effort to establish itself as a major phone maker in much of Africa; it makes everything from basic phones to smart phones. The company spends a lot of money on marketing campaigns; its market-share could increase significantly in the near future.

In Nigeria Tecno is the third most popular phone brand; in a gathering of 100 people about 25 would be carrying Tecno phones. Tecno gives most people the opportunity to own brand new phones, before Tecno entered the market most Nigerians used second hand phones.

In Ghana Tecno is the third most popular mobile phone brand; the prices are affordable, and the company is on ground making visual advertising of its products. These of course make them popular.

In Egypt Tecno has about 2.1% of the mobile phone market. The problem is that there are several other brands of similar quality and price.

In South Africa; –

6. Infinix

Infinix is a mobile phone brand that is in many ways similar to Tenco listed above. The phone has similarly been on ground advertising and marketing its phones in selected African markets.

In Nigeria; Infinix phones are the fourth most popular brand. In a gathering of 100 people around 18 would be carrying an Infinix phone.

In Ghana; Infinix is quite popular; it is the fifth most popular brand. Some of the most popular models include the Infinix Hot, Infinix S, and Infinix Z. these phones are popular for the same reason that Tecno is popular.

In Egypt; Infinix commands the number 5 position with 6% of the mobile phone market. The brand is quite popular; and has gained some acceptance among the people.

In South Africa; –

Other Popular Phone Brands In Africa Include:



Xiaomi (Redmi)






Understandably, many of these phone makers have began making phones for the African market; (1) they have started making beat down copies of phone models, or crafting entire models for sale in Africa.

These phones do not have the same standards of durability that the brands sold in Europe, America and some parts of Africa are forced to meet. Nevertheless, this is a free market, and time will tell whether the African people will chose quality over quantity.

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