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Make Money From TikTok With These Easy Tricks

Tiktok, as a major video sharing platform presents opportunities to make money that may soon be lost when the platform becomes saturated with big brands vying against you for user attention. Tiktok is like a ripe fruit just waiting to be eaten. If you had entered too early you may not have enjoyed the reach you would have today, and if you delay too much you may find that nobody sees your videos because the big brands have taken all the viewers.

Tiktok has over 1 billion users globally, and all the graphs indicate that it is on the ascendancy. People equals money; tiktok has enough people to make the most dedicated and savvy content creators rich and famous. This is the perfect place to launch a career as a social media influencer; you just need to know how to get paid for your time and effort.

Make Money From TikTok With These Easy Tricks

Tiktok Creator Fund

This is a rewards program which has been instituted by the Tiktok team, to reward creators that make excellent videos, and get great interaction for their work. The company has committed several million dollars into a special fund for this purpose, and as time goes on, we expect that even more money will be committed; making this a very robust fund from which creators will make a ton of money.

But this option is not open for everyone; there are few things to take note of. You have to be from the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain or Italy to be eligible. Why this is so remains unclear. You also need to have at least 10,000 followers, and you must have received at least 100,000 views within the past 30 days. You must be 18 years old, and your videos must be in line with the Tiktok Community Guidelines.

This Fund pretty much shuts out most of us outside the countries mentioned, and it does not give you control of your earnings, or the freedom to create content as you would like. The Tiktok Creator Fund may not be for you… but the following might.

Use TikTok To Promote Your Brand

This is a very broad idea, but one that we like so much because of the freedom it gives. Of course you only have to attain a little popularity for this to work, so that you can steadily get views and raise awareness for your brand. You do not need to tailor your content to suite any particular style or pattern, and you do not even need any special script to make this work. You can just go ahead with your random videos, but in the end say a few words like ‘visit’ You can repeat that byline on almost all your videos, and when people view them, they would then become curious about what you have to offer on the website. It could take more than one video to drive home that curiosity; experts say a person may have to see an advert at least twice to become interested.

Another strategy could be to print branded shirts and use them in your videos. You can use your imagination- it never hurts to play around with a few ideas before arriving at the best strategy to go with. But rather than just print Onyeinfo on a shirt, we think it could be a better idea to spell it out in full; ‘visit’. That way our viewers do not mistaken it for a clothing brand; they know we actually want them to check it out. We think you can further emphasize your brand by pointing to it at the end of your video.   

Create Sponsored Content

This is another cool way to make money from Tiktok. By creating sponsored content you are creating videos to help sell a product or a brand. Ideally, you would need to be quite famous for brands to reach out to you in order to help them sell their products; to increase the popularity of their products among your followers.

We have seen influencers make videos about mobile phones, clothing brands, shoes, and so on. The content would have to be tailored around that particular product, and serious brands would even bring the concept and camera crew to do the filming; you would only need to release the video on Tiktok using your account. This could be the easiest way to get rich on tiktok.

You need to have a lot of followers, and a history of creating unique videos that receive plenty of engagement. To avoid a conflict of interest we do not think many brands will approach you if you are already using the idea on paragraph 2. We think you should define from the onset how you want to make money from tiktok.

Management Services

If people can get paid for managing facebook and twitter accounts, then surely Tiktok represents an opportunity to make more money. You can manage the TikTok accounts of brands and busy business people for a fee. This is an option you can take advantage of if you already offer social media management services; you can propose this to your existing clients, or offer this to new people entirely.

You will probably find more offers for this kind of gig outside Tiktok than on it. You could start your search on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Of course you would need an account of your own so that you can prove your qualification. Prospective clients need to see the quality of the content you produce, as well as the interaction you receive. This can help them decide to hire you.

Affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money from Tiktok. The idea is to help people decide to buy a product from a seller, and then receive a commission after the transaction has been completed. It might not even be to buy a thing; it may be to sign up for a service. As long as you convince people; you are eligible to receive kickbacks from the company.

As far as TikTok is concerned it seems that beautiful girls have an advantage over the rest of us; when they make videos they can just add the affiliate links for beauty products to the descriptions on the videos, or put them on their profiles. Ugly girls who want to become beautiful would only need to click on these affiliate links to order beauty products so as to feel beautiful: a win for everybody!

Please use your imagination; you can sell almost anything on tiktok using Affiliate Marketing; clothing, mobile phones, shoes, and so on. Please make the intention clear; you can use catchphrases like ‘you can buy these beauty products through this link’ or ‘if you like these shoes you can buy yours via’. That way your viewers know exactly what they are clicking, and you can get more money.

Sell Tiktok Accounts

Just the same as people sell facebook pages and instagram accounts, so also can you sell tiktok accounts. In this kind of venture, the higher the number of followers, and the amount of time during which it has been active, the more money that you can make from the sale of said tiktok accounts. This would no doubt take some time to do; one does not simply get 10,000 followers within a few days.

You can find buyers on certain websites and forums; people who want to use said accounts to promote their brands and businesses but do not have the time or patience to build from scratch often good money for ready-made social media accounts, including tiktok.

Promote Upcoming Musicians

As soon as you become popular, people will watch your videos regardless what they are about. Tiktok gives you a great opportunity to make money by promoting new music- perhaps unrivalled by any other video sharing platforms. It doesn’t even matter what kind of videos you usually make, you can just make a video of yourself in which you would be dancing to the new tune.

You can do the rest with the description, and possibly add a link to where it could be downloaded or streamed. Rather than worry that such a video would deviate from your normal kind of videos, this could actually spice up your account; it could give your viewers something different to enjoy, rather than the same thing all over again.

Those are some of the ways via which you can make money through TikTok. However, before making any money from Tiktok you need to grow followers so that you become a top account. Here is how to do that:

Tips To Grow Your Tiktok Followers

Know What To Post

In order to thrive on tiktok you need to know the direction to go; the kind of content that is likely to be successful on this platform. Tiktok is best for comedy videos; light and silly things to help people fight boredom. Dance videos, stunts, and incredible stuff also go viral on this platform. Because Tiktok is the place to be for people who are bored at work, you stand a better chance posting videos that can wow and please and make them laugh. Tiktok is obviously not the place to post ‘how to’ videos.

Comment on Other Peoples Videos

When you comment on other peoples videos you make yourself visible. This will give you the chance to make friends on the platform, and draw traffic to your own videos.

Have A Great Profile Picture

Tiktok is full of young and youthful people; they are all attracted to beautiful things. A great profile picture will draw in viewers to your videos, and help you make money from tiktok.


Tiktok is a great place for your content to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Traffic is the currency of the future; tiktok gives you the potential to make a lot of money in a lot of ways. As with all things you need to make the right kind of videos for this platform; funny, cute, adorable, dance videos, and so on. You also need to spend time being nice to people so as to build your followership. As soon as you have a few thousand viewers then you are set to turn your video making hobby into a real money spinning venture.

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