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Long Lasting Shoe Brands

Rich people may be able to spend endless amounts of money on shoes – changing them regularly. But that luxury is not available to everyone. The rest of us have to work hard for our shoes, and so we make our shoes work hard too.

If you fall into that second category, you may be pleased to see our selection of long lasting shoes. Not gathered from the internet or from sales pitches – but rather from our own experiences.

These are shoes we have used. Some of them were not even bought new, and yet we got value for them, earning the shoes places in our hearts, and on this prestigious list.

Shoes That Last Long – From Experience


Tsubo is a little known Japanese shoemaker. It has an extensive list of leather and rubber shoes, crafted quite beautifully. We have no experience with the rubber shoes, but we can say categorically that Tsubo’s leather shoes are the longest lasting that we have ever encountered.

There are many designs in leather coming from this manufacturer. Below is the Tsubo Aratus Premium which we have had for 6 years. It is solid! This shoe has been worn everywhere, and has even been soaked in beach water – yet it continues to serve.


Kwiss is an American company dating back to 1966. It is a legacy company; a respected name in the shoe making industry. Kwiss shoes are active-wear; the company markets its products as Tennis and Pickle ball Shoes.

It was not for tennis that we bought these shoes; the one below goes great with jeans and chinos trousers. It is great as a semi casual, semi official kind of wear. This one has served for three years, and still looks relatively good.

There are many beautiful designs from this company, and there is a very high chance of getting good value for money.

Floris Van Bommel

Floris Van Bommel is a Dutch shoemaker which has been in business since 1734. The company has built its reputation on quality. It makes quality leather shoes and sneakers. The shoes come in various designs; some are official, others are casual, and some others a sporty.

Regardless of the type, the underlying factor is quality. The one in the image has been in our possession for 3 years, and it is just as good as the day it was bought. No lose thread, no tear in the leather material, no issue with the sole – nothing at all. It was bought at a second hand store, so it has seen plenty of use.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is a shoe brand that was established in 1958. It is an American brand that was developed to provide footwear for the American military. You do not make substandard products for the US military.

The brand is mostly known for its casual shoes; they come in various shapes and designs, and are mostly made of fine leather.

The one in the image has served for 2 years, although it has not seen rigorous use. It has been used only when going out for important engagements.


Bally is a quality shoemaker; its most popular products are loafers, moccassins, and boots. The company has many years of experience in leather working; some of its other products include bags, sneakers and designers footwear. Most of its products come in leather, and the underlining factor is quality.

The shoe in the image has been worn for 6 years. It has had its soles changed, and the band around the Achilles has been peeled away. Nevertheless, it is a classic that does justice to chinos trousers and long sleeved button up shirts. It looks like it can do another 6 years; all it needs is regular polishing.

Further Reading:

The reader may have noticed the absence of some of the most popular names in shoe making – those names, though popular do not make shoes that fall into this category. Their shoes do not last long but fall apart quickly thus causing the buyer to buy another one. Of course there may be shoe makers who merit a place on this list. Those shoe makers will get listed eventually – as soon as they are discovered.

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