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How to Join a Football Club in Europe from Nigeria (Updated)

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance for players who wish to join  a football club in Europe from Nigeria.

Football, especially in Western Europe can be a very lucrative way of life in deed. Big clubs in Europe need all the talent they can get in order to remain competitive, and to win laurels. Sadly though, there is almost an over-supply of players almost desperate to find their way into Europe to play the beautiful game.

The trick therefore is convincing player agents to take a gamble on your skills. You just have to grab their attention, and show them that you have what it takes to produce a return on the investment. If you can show that you are marketable talent, then the market is so large that you can even find yourself confused about choosing where to play.

How To Get A Club In Europe From Nigeria

Step 1: Get Necessary Football Training

This is a basic first step regardless of how talented you are. In fact we expect that you have already received the basic training, which is why you now want to become a football professional. Please remember that even the most talented players have been groomed by great coaches in the best academies.

Step 2: Build A Football CV

Believe it or not; footballers build their CVs too, which is why you will readily find pictures of all top professional footballers lifting trophies as kids.

You too must build your CV by playing competitively in youth competitions. You must have evidence of this participation such as photos of you competing, and lifting a few trophies.

Step 3:  Have Video Clips of Match Performances

This is you show your abilities. Your video clips will convince European clubs about the quality of the player that you are. Making video clips of your performances has over time been the most effective way to join football clubs in Europe from Nigeria.

Furthermore, when you have a video clip already made, you show that you are ready, and that you are confident in your abilities as a player.  

Please ensure that the video clips show exactly what you are advertised to be. That means if you are a defender please ensure that the videos show you defending.

Some people claim to be defenders but go ahead to make videos that show them attacking and scoring goals. They expect the European clubs to be excited after seeing that. In truth they look reckless; they have abandoned their posts in search of glory.

Step 4: Contact A Licensed FIFA Agent

The next step is to contact an agent who will be an intermediary; linking you with the European club. This is a list of FIFA Licensed Agents in Nigeria.

Sometimes scouts and agents would have contacted you at stage 2, but some players have found it a better strategy to work directly with the top agents listed in the link, especially because the scouts who approach them may still need to bring them to the FIFA licensed agents.

Step 5: Prepare Your Travel Documents For Trials In Europe

Please ensure that you stay healthy and fit during the time of your preparation for travels. Sometimes, the FIFA agent you have contacted can help you prepare your documents so that you can go for trials at a football club in Europe.

When you get there, ensure that you listen to coaches instructions, and perform accordingly.

Step 6: Sign For The European Club

Sometimes You Are Immediately Given Documents To Sign. It is recommended that you seek representation of a lawyer, or some other professional (Sometimes, your FIFA licensed Agent from Nigeria is enough) to help you understand the terms of the document you are signing.

Please Keep This In Mind:

There is no hard and fast rule or method of how to get a  club in Europe from Nigeria:  Some people find themselves already been courted by European clubs at stage 2, while others have to do several trials before they can sign professional contracts.

Nevertheless, we must call for caution: there are several reports of fraudulent persons posing as football scouts, and then taking money from young players and their families only to leave them stranded.

Even when you are signing a contract with a European club, please make sure you understand the details, such as how much you will be paid, and also how long the contract will last. There is no shame in starting from the lower divisions; when you put in your best effort you will find that bigger clubs will make better offers.


The latest development as regards getting a club in Europe is to join a football academy. Players like Samuel Chukwueze and Kelechi Nwakali both played for Diamond Football Academy where they received training and exposure.

There are many similar football academies scattered throughout the continent; and they host regular tournaments, in which they invite scouts and agents from Europe to come and bear witness to the raw talent on display.

When they see players that impress them, they then help them get clubs abroad.

Another thing to take note of is the fact there is plenty of exposure to be gained by playing for any of the clubs in the Nigeria Premier Football League. This is better for players who have passed the age of 18, at which point they may not be suitable for Football Academies.

If a player can excel at the NPFL he can get the attention of clubs in Europe and elsewhere, and can thus get a good club abroad.

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