Jobs For The Future In Africa

The world is changing so fast, and jobs for the future in Africa are also changing. Africa has some important needs, and has to look inwards to meet these needs. Furthermore, as new technological advancements come into effect, the continent has keep pace with the rest of the world.

A wind of enlightenment is sweeping across the continent, and so Africans are becoming aware of what needs to be done, and are looking for ways to place themselves in this all important value chain so as to secure their futures, and to contribute to the development of the continent.

The following are jobs to look out for.

Jobs For The Future In Africa


Agriculture may actually be better for people with money who will invest directly, than those who will look for jobs. The reason why agriculture is one of the careers for the future of the African continent is the need to ensure food security. Every developed country has certain steps to make sure that there is no shortage of food, and that includes incentives to farmers.

Agriculture is a wide field which includes fish farming, poultry farming, and animal husbandry. There is so much potential in agriculture because this is the time when is real profit in farming. This is especially true because food processing is becoming more important.

Food Processing  

Food Processing is about turning raw agricultural produce into food that can be eaten instantly, or that needs minimum processing before eating. This includes turning cocoa beans into chocolate, turning peanuts into peanut butter, producing canned fish, and so on.

Food processing is an important economic sector; it is something that every working economy has. It ensures that food is abundant in the country, and also brings in foreign exchange when the products are exported.

Processed food export plays an important role in many economies, and more African countries are going to want to exploit this opportunity. Food processing is therefore going to be one of the best jobs for future in Africa because it is profitable, and can make a huge difference in the economy.

Computer Programing

Computer Programming is a vital job for the future in Africa because it is the foundation of the digital economy which is taking over the world. Because there are many obvious advantages of taking buying and selling online, nobody is going to want to be left behind.

Computer Programmers design and integrate platforms (websites, applications, tools) that are used for these kinds of transactions. Computer Programing also makes it possible to design payment platforms, crypto currencies, and many more.

Computer Programming is a field of technology that every country is going to want to boost so that it can measure up, or even stay ahead of its neighbors. Remember that computer programmers can also design payrolls, as well as programs that can serve military and defense purposes.

Web Developers

Web Developers are similar to Computer Programmers in that they bring digital ideas to life. However, Web Developers are more specialized; they design websites which can be news and information websites, internet forums, e commerce websites, educational websites, as well as those that serve purposes of medicine, and so on.

Web Developers are central to the digital economy; these are some of the most important people in Africa’s march into the future. Already, they are in hot demand by banks, e commerce companies, media establishments, and so on.

This job is certainly going to be even more in-demand as traditional means of doing things get replaced by modern methods, meaning that more businesses will take their products and businesses online thus increasing the need for the services of Web Developers.

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineers are those who design and maintain the software and hardware that computers use to run and function. Just like any other device which is put to constant use, computers tend to malfunction due to hardware or software issues.

Because businesses depend on these computers to work every day, Computer Engineers are some of the most important people in their value chain. Since businesses will only increase their dependence on these computers, Computer Engineering is one of the jobs for the future in Africa.

These computers hold sensitive information which must be safeguarded, which is why companies must maintain their internal computer engineers so as to avoid the information falling into the wrong hands.

Herbal Medical Researchers

There are too many diseases out there, and many are becoming resistant to available medicines. Furthermore, in the event of an epidemic or a pandemic, there could be a shortage of medicines meaning that too many lives would be at risk.

An additional point to consider is the fact that many people across the continent have become increasingly aware of the adverse effects that can come with synthetic medicines.

Herbal medical researchers can become multimillionaires; some of them establish big companies with many popular products selling across many countries. Leading the continent in this regard are Madagascar and Ghana.

Medical Doctors

Medical Doctors have some of the most important jobs for the future in Africa because there is nothing more important that taking care of the health of the people. When the people are healthy, then the people can be productive.

Already, doctors are some of the highest earners in many African countries. There is no reason why this should not continue into the future. As a matter of fact, doctors will probably see their earnings increase significantly in the future as governments are desperate to stem the tide of doctors leaving the shores of Africa to work in Europe, America, and even Asia.


Engineers are some of the most important jobs for the future of Africa; this is because the infrastructure deficit on the continent needs to be addressed. Africa needs more engineers not just to build houses and roads, but to find solutions- new approaches to designs and construction so as help build the needed infrastructure.

Engineers can quickly rise in society because they have a say in how things are done. In Africa it is common to see engineers go on to become politicians, and to rub shoulders with some of the most powerful people in their countries.


Entrepreneurs are people who seek opportunities and build businesses based on those opportunities. They are going to have a great time ahead because opportunities are going to abound all over the continent, especially as the continent makes the switch to the digital economy.

Many countries in Africa still make it difficult to do business, but change is coming especially in countries like Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and so on. The continent now understands that businesses need to be encouraged so as to provide more jobs, and boost the economy.


Marketers are masters of the art of selling. For some people this comes naturally, while others have acquired this ability through study. Nevertheless, Marketers are the secret weapon of any successful company.

Realizing their importance, companies now pay high premiums to recruit and retain talented marketers who expand the reach of their products and services. As more companies spring up all across the continent, marketers are going to be in even higher demand.

Marketers can even maintain client lists and get contracts to push products outside the framework of a company. This makes them business professionals by their own right. There is so much potential in this field of work.

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The jobs for the future in Africa are important occupations that the continent needs to prevent a collapse of society. Of course such jobs will naturally command very good remuneration compared to other jobs.  Many young people who want to ensure job security will therefore choose these jobs.

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