Irony Examples That Show Just How Stupid People Are

The Biggest Irony examples are not something to laugh about; they are sobering reflections of just how uncoordinated and unknowledgeable the human family truly is. Thinking along the same line for thousands of years, we fail to see that we are just marching in one big circle; and that even what we call progress may not be as progressive as we think.

While these examples of ironies are quite funny; they actually produce a laugh-cry-laugh again feeling because after laughing, we realize how terrible the situation is, and how little we actually know.

If enough people can get to change the way they think, then maybe mankind can make some important structural changes before it gets too late.

Irony Examples That Show Just How Stupid People Are

Burning Fossil Fuels To Power AC Units

Whoever brought up this idea must have been hailed as a genius. But when a bunch of idiots hail a person as a genius then invariably that person must be the king of idiots.

Burning fossil fuels to power AC units is probably the biggest irony in the world because it worsens that which it is supposed to fix. Did nobody stop to ask; “how did the climate get so hot in the first place?”

UN Peacekeeping With Guns

Keeping the peace with guns is something that just looks crazy to begin with. This is not to say that UN peacekeepers should show up waving white flags, but who was it that supplied the guns to the warring parties in the first place?

Take away everybody’s guns, and they will probably have to settle disputes at rap battles.

Saving The Planet By Holding Up Placards

Okay, so you went into the forest, looked for a perfectly healthy tree, cut it down, made your paper from it, and then wrote “save the trees” …. Hehehe.

Tobacco Warning

“Smokers are liable to die young.” Sounds like a powerful warning until you realize that the tobacco industry is probably the only industry that deliberately kills its own patrons. When they all die young, one wonders who will buy your products!

Preachers With Security Details

Every other CEO out there makes sure to be seen actively consuming the product he sells to the general public. It is strange therefore that popular preachers do not depend on divine protection; which they sell to their followers.

Poor Countries Supporting The Economies Of Rich Ones

While the people suffer abject poverty, it is crazy how all their resources go to rich European countries where they support industry, jobs, and wealth creation. This is not even funny anymore; rich companies install corrupt leaders on the poor countries, and use them as puppets to get what they want.

Women Dressing Up To Go To Bed

Feminism is a great thing; it has given several liberties to women. However, if clothes are supposed to protect our bodies then one would expect women to wear more clothes when going out, and less when going to bed. Where did it all get mixed up?

Giving Foreign Aid To African Countries

The spate of corruption in sub Saharan Africa is almost beyond belief. It seems that the foreign donors and all the multinational organizations that send money to that part of the world really do not care how the money is used.

The people in power just steal it for themselves; they see all this free money and say “lets steal it all! Next year, they will only bring more!!” That is why nothing ever gets done.

If we really cared about them we would make them accountable, not give them free money.

The US Liberating Other Countries

The US has given us several irony examples, such as liberating Libya, and leaving it a pile of rubble with thousands displaced.  Similar things happened to Iraq and Afghanistan; the countries come out worse after the US entered the scene.

Building Artificial Intelligence

Building Artificial Intelligence seems like one of the biggest ironies in the world; mankind is making something smarter, faster, and stronger than himself. Man thinks he is smart by creating this; but it takes a special kind of stupid to build something that could one day turn against you, and destroy you with ease.


Cryptocurrency is a great thing because it really has the potential to change the world; it offers an escape from the world’s financial system which is crippled by greed.

Surprise! Most people who are into crypto are only there because they hope to get rich!

That means crypto is driven by the same greed that has brought fiat currency, and the world economy to the mess that it. A stellar example of Irony!

Stealing Bibles

As crazy as that sounds, people in the USA just love to steal bibles. It is the most shoplifted book in the USA.

Going To Space

Space travel is already a thing; it shows the level of human ingenuity, and has a lot of economic potential. However, space travel is also laughable.

What is the point of spending billions on a joy ride to space when so many children cannot afford a bus ride to school?

What is the point of walking on the moon when you cannot walk at night in some neighborhoods on earth?

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

In a world where more than 100 million people are vulnerable to hunger and disease, it seems that weapons of mass destruction are unnecessary. If half that number are going to die in 50 years, and even the survivors have a life expectancy of 70 or 80, then all that is needed is patience.

Everyone is going to die. It doesn’t make sense spending billions on research, design and construction of weapons to kill people who are already dying.

Maybe that money should be spent on ways to make people live longer. On food production. Things like that.

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When a person intends to do something smart, but ends up proving how stupid he is; the irony is funny. When that thing which makes you laugh affects you and those around you, then you are laughing at your own misfortune. Life is full of these small ironies whether or not we realize it.

If realizing it makes one sad, then perhaps that sadness will bring caution, which can make a better future for generations to come.

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