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How To Spend Less On Fuel For A Car

Knowing how to spend less on fuel for a car is a vital life skill that should be taught in universities. This is because it can go a long way to help a person cut down on expenses, and therefore make savings which can be used to enhance one’s quality of life, or to invest in things that can bring profit.

With the rising energy costs, it has become imperative to find ways to cut down on the monthly spending on gas, because not paying adequate attention to this particular detail can have very bad consequences for one’s finances.

The information will be broken into two parts; general steps to reduce expenses on fuel, and how to mechanically reduce fuel consumption.

How To Spend Less On Fuel For A Car

The following steps can help reduce expenses on fuel. This is written primarily for those who make regular but minimal use of their cars. Maybe to drive to and from work, or for some other important daily use.

Drive A Small Car

A smaller car generally has little weight as opposed to a larger car, which is invariably heavier; needing a bigger engine, and more energy just to get the tires rolling. Especially when driving alone, or with a small group, there is no need for a big car or truck.

A smart thing to do is to replace the big car with a smaller one; if one is single then look for the smallest car possible.

Don’t Carry Too Much Weight

The amount of weight one carries is also an important factor to consider. The same principle that makes it better to drive a small car, also makes it important to keep the car light. A bigger displacement requires more energy – more gas – to drive.

Therefore, the boot (trunk) of your car should only contain whatever is necessary. One must ensure that it is emptied regularly. As this will make it easier to get the tires rolling, and to build momentum.

Avoid Traffic

A benefit of driving a regular route is that one soon gets to know the layout of the road, and what the typical traffic situation is like. Furthermore, there are many resources available nowadays which can provide information about traffic. Such resources include applications on mobile phones, and programs on the radio.

Avoiding traffic could mean going out before or after times when there is likely to be traffic congestion. This is a great way to save money on fuel because idling around in traffic is an expensive way to throw money away.

Make Compound Movements

Rather than make separate trips to many different places; it may be best to simply stop at multiple places in a single drive. For example; while driving home from work, it may be easier to stop at the gas station to fill the tank, and then at the supermarket to stock up on supplies, and then at the grocery store.

That way there is no need for separate drives to each of those individual locations. That means fuel which would have been used on each of those drives will be saved. When fuel is saved, then money is saved.

The above are some ways via which it is possible to save money on gas. However, it may be observed that no mention is made of the car engine which is where the fuel is spent. The following will discuss how small changes in car engines can result in big savings in gas.

How To Mechanically Reduce Fuel Consumption In Cars

Choose Air Cooled Engines

Air cooled engines are more efficient because they do not carry the additional weight of elaborate water cooled engines. A small air cooled engine will be lighter, and easier to gain traction.

This small fact will go a long way to keep the costs of daily movements down. Air cooled engines are something of a rarity these days, but they are available if you know where to look.

Clean Sparkplugs Regularly

Spark plugs produce an electrical charge which burns the fuel in the engine cylinder heads. It needs to burn that fuel to produce the power which the car needs to move. The thing is, if the spark plug is bad, it does not produce the charge. The fuel is still supplied to the cylinder head.

That fuel is just wasted because there is no spark to ignite it. Wasting fuel is the last thing you want to do if you want to save money on gas. However, that is not the entirety of the problem.

A defective sparkplug means that the car will produce less power. That means it will need to burn more fuel in the cylinders with good sparkplugs in order to cover the same amount of ground that would have done with good sparkplugs.

How To Adjust Carburetor For Less Fuel Consumption

The job of the carburetor is to control the mix of air and fuel entering the engine. It is important to note that too little of either will result in the engine not performing optimally, and too much is unnecessary.

Usually, the inflow of both air and fuel are controlled by screws. By tightening the screws you reduce the space for the compound to flow in. You can tune the carburetor to consume less fuel by tightening the screw, and observing the performance. Usually the inlet for fuel is below the one for air.

You may also recognize the air filter (usually a piece of foam) which ensures that only clean air enters the engine. Leave that one alone, and concentrate on the other one.

Then check the vehicle performance.

The vehicle should produce less power; but then you are not going for a drag racing competition. If you just want to save up on expenses on fuel, then adjusting the carburetor may produce desired results.

However, you may need to add other measures such reducing the number of hard brakes, and learning to drive in cruise control. By going at a steady pace with an engine that does not suck fuel arbitrarily, one can make some good savings.

However, carburetors are being replaced with fuel injectors.

Can You Adjust Injectors To Reduce Fuel Consumption?

Modifications To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Injectors are very difficult to manipulate because they are buried in the cylinder head where they introduce the fuel directly into the engine through a nozzle. Studies have shown  that a wider hole in the nozzle, and pushing it a farther distance into the cylinder head make for better fuel consumption. But that is not something that most users can do.

What most users can do is to cut off supply to some nozzles. Most small cars have four nozzles supplying gas to four cylinder heads, to be burnt by 4 sparkplugs. You can cut that down to 3 or 2.

The result of this modification to your car engine will be a loss in power; but unless you plan on using the vehicle as a getaway car in a bank robbery, or some car racing event, this should be good enough.

The car should then use ¾ or ½ the amount of fuel it used previously; that is depending on whether you cut off supply to one or two nozzles. This is something that requires some knowledge of what you are doing. It is also a good idea to talk to your mechanic.

By applying the same driving technique of going on cruise control, the changes in fuel consumption should be immediately noticeable, especially when you change your tires.

Change Tires

Tires are not meant to last forever. They are mostly made of rubber, but even they were made of iron, they would still require changing because of the friction that goes with driving the cars which means they have to rub against the surface of the roads.

As friction occurs, the surfaces of the tires become smoother. That is bad because the smoothness will prevent traction. The tires will need to spin more in order to cover some ground, which means the car will need to spend more fuel.

Changing the tires therefore enables the car to run more efficiently; covering more ground per gallon.

However, all tires are not created equal; there are high traction tires, as well as normal tires with improved traction.

Further Reading:

Taking the steps laid out in this post should produce immediate results in helping to save money on fuel for your car. Another important step is probably replacing your internal combustion engine car with an electric one.

Electric cars seem to be the best option in the long run as man strives to bring down the cost of transportation. There are many brands of electric cars in the market already, and many more are coming out; showing that there is a lot of demand for the cars as many people start to see the benefits that they bring.

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