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How To Sell On Temu South Africa

Most of the products sold Temu are shipped from China, but it is still also possible for sellers outside that country to sell on the platform. It is those kinds of products that carry the “local warehouse” tag.

It is therefore possible to sell on Temu from South Africa, which means the seller would be shipping the products from South Africa, rather than china. This can have certain advantages.

Why Should You Sell On Temu From South Africa

Speed Of Deliveries

A major tactical advantage of selling on Temu from South Africa is that you can do same day or next day deliveries. Of course that is only possible when the buyer is in South Africa, which means products can be shipped promptly using the national post, or any of the many delivery services in the country.

Lower Operational Costs

The cost of shipping is usually a contributing factor that decides whether a product is affordable or not. By using the national postal service to make deliveries of products to customers within South Africa, sellers can reduce expenses, resulting in lower costs to the customers.

That means sellers can keep a larger share of the profits. This is a very attractive prospect – one that will certainly draw in sellers who want to make money on the platform.

But how?

How to sell on Temu from South Africa

In order to sell on Temu one needs to become a merchandise partner with the company. It is not very difficult to do, one needs to fill a few forms, and accept a few terms. But first, one must introduce oneself with a letter. This is how to do it.

At the bottom of every page there is a button that says “partner with Temu.” Clicking that button will reveal a dialogue which includes two email addresses; one for merchandising partners, and another for logistics partners.

Since a seller is a merchandiser, the email that concerns you is the one for merchandisers. [email protected] is the email, and you need to write a letter to the company through that medium. The email should detail your company, your products, and how you will deliver the products.

The company will respond with forms and terms for you to fill and agree with. Part of the agreement is that you will sell your products for the lowest possible prices, and secondly you will not use child labor or any other questionable manufacturing processes.

After that has been agreed upon, the next thing is to do the actual selling.

What can you sell on Temu South Africa?

Women’s clothing, pet supplies, men’s shoes, men’s clothing, jackets, key chains, art, interior decorations, toys, and personal accessories are quite popular at the moment. These are items that south African’s can make at home and in their workshops, and mostly they do not cost too much to make.

How to Boost Sales on Temu South Africa

As with all other ecommerce marketplaces, the making sales comes down to appealing visuals. Customers will see the image of your products along with several other products on the platform. This means your products need to look better than those of other sellers.

It is a good idea to use real people with bright smiles as your models, and also to engage professional photographers to display your work.

It is also important to pay attention to the prices at which your products are sold. Please note that in cases where multiple sellers offer the same item, Temu will only accept the one with the lowest price.

Therefore it is a good idea to always make your products unique by adding or removing features on other products.

It is also important to note that Temu has a minimum sales requirement of 30 pieces in 14 days. Especially when the listing is new, it make be necessary to share the link to those in your social circle; urging them to buy so as to boost sales.

Disadvantages of selling on Temu South Africa

Temu is not the most popular e commerce marketplace in South Africa; its market share in the country is still growing. Therefore, rather than taking advantage of the benefits that can arise by selling to south Africans, one can find oneself dealing more with international buyers, which can present other challenges.

Challenges involved will include the inefficient postal system which will make it difficult to fill orders in a timely manner.

The costs of shipping can also make it impossible to make a profit. Remember that Temu’s business model is targeted at selling at the lowest prices. In fact some sellers have stated that Temu has encouraged them to sell at low prices – even at loses.

Further Reading:

Temu is a popular e commerce marketplace which is getting a more prominent share of the South African market. For sellers, now is the best time to establish their businesses, designs and brands on this platform, before it becomes saturated, and the competition becomes too stiff.

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