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How To Make Money As A Beautiful Woman

‘If I was a pretty lady I would rule the whole world’- Ike Pius. The internet presents hundreds of opportunities to make money as a beautiful woman, and one wonders why so many women live in unhappy marriages and work for slave wages. Beauty is the currency of the future; if you have it, you are already rich. Yes, a person can be rich but still die in penury. Hopefully, the very fact that you have landed on this article will turn things around. Today marks the start of a new life for you.

A lot of people who search out how to make money as a beautiful woman already know that their pretty faces can become brands; pulling in money. They must have got this idea from commercials, and also from the fact that every beauty product and personal hygiene brand has the picture of a pretty lady on it.

In this post you are going to learn how to be a star on your own.

How To Make Money As A Beautiful Woman (Step By Step)

Take Care Of Your Looks

Yes, even the most beautiful women, when they do not take care of themselves, can start to look…. different. This may be caused by the stress of daily life, or by the environment where one has found herself. Abject Poverty, Abusive Marriages, and Religious Indoctrination are some of the biggest reasons why a beautiful lady can let herself fade; can let herself become ugly.

Taking care of yourself does not only mean applying make up; it also means taking care of yourself mentally. You may need to leave that toxic environment in order to regain that self love, that optimism, and that hunger to achieve something in life. This will help you feel better about yourself, smile more, and bring out that inner glow. When you start walking around like there is music playing in your head, then you are ready for step 2.

Get On Social Media

Well, unless you live in some extremely conservative religious community, you probably use social media. However, there is a big difference between coming on social media to look at other people’s lives, and coming on social media to make an impact. This time, you are the center piece of their attention. You are about to become an influencer; and people are going to spend their time looking at your life. New social media platforms are coming out every day, but we would like to narrow our interest down to these tried and trusted ones.  

Twitter – Best for Spreading Information. Very short Tweet life.

Instagram – Great for pictures. Best for already established stars.

Tiktok – Very short videos. Rising in Popularity.

Youtube – All kinds and lengths of Videos. Good for everyone.

Facebook – Great for discovering friends. One of the biggest platforms.       

While it is possible to get some degree of success with any of these social media platforms highlighted above, as a beautiful woman looking to make money on the internet it seems that your best options include Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. If you spread your efforts in these three platforms, you may not get the desired results.

Think of it like trying to spread a small quantity of butter on a whole loaf of bread. Your effort is the butter, while the social platforms are the bread- get it? The following can help you decide where to concentrate your efforts.

What Skills Do You Have?

Cooking – Facebook / Youtube

Dancing –Tiktok/ Youtube

Make Up – Youtube/ Instagram/Facebook

Just Doing Cool Stuff – Tiktok

Okay, so these are not laws; just guidelines to help you decide what social media platforms to use. The last option above; ‘Just Doing Cool Stuff’ is quite important; just doing random stuff is extremely cool on social media. You have an increased chance of success as a beautiful woman because you get people’s attention even for doing nothing.

Get Thousands Of Followers

No matter what social media platforms you decide upon, your biggest weapon is your profile picture; use the best you can get. We recommend that you get in touch with a professional photographer to get you pristine photographs from which you will choose the best. Half the people on social media spend a lot of time just looking at profiles of beautiful girls; you will get their attention.

Post your stuff. The content you post is like a verification of your identity. When a person stumbles upon your profile he needs to see your stuff so he know what you are all about.  For this article we will use Tiktok as a Case Study: A beautiful lady can become very popular on tiktok just by posting silly videos like herself on the escalator in the mall, learning to ride a bike, hiking in the woods (and sighting animals), and dancing.

There is no end to the number of videos you can make; especially dance videos because there is no end to the songs coming out every week; and you can make a new video for every song you hear.  

You will also need to spend time commenting on other people’s posts; particularly the popular accounts. The wittier the comments you make the more likely it is that you will attract people to visit your profile. If you have a great profile picture, and some interesting stuff to look at; you can impress a person enough to follow you. From zero to 10,000 followers would probably take about 12 months for a beautiful girl.

Monetizing Your Efforts

Remember that there are several social media platforms that you can possibly use. For this section of the article we will Youtube as a case study. Also, please note that while there are several ways to monetize your content, we want to focus on the options that keep you in charge. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to find out ways to Make money from Tiktok.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the surest way to make money as a beautiful woman; from your hair, your face, and your body, people just can’t get their eyes off you. Young women will look up to you; they want to look and feel like you. Therefore, only have to tell them where they can buy the beauty products, make up, and clothing that you use, and they will make a dash for those products. Shouldn’t you get paid for doing that? That is why Affiliate Marketing was invented.

With Affiliate Marketing, you get to sign up with companies that sell these products, and so you are given a link. Whenever you direct someone to buy their products, so get a cut of the profits. Let’s say you have 10,000 followers; then it is quite possible to get $1000 in a single day, from a single post. I wish I was a beautiful girl!

You can add your affiliate links in the description of the videos, or you can even put them on your profile. Please do not just add links; say something like ‘This is the face cream I use, in case you want to glow like me:’. That way your followers know exactly what is on the other side of the link.

Promote New Music

Both Youtube and Tiktok are great places to promote new music. While this may be better if you are someone who regularly posts dance videos; it may be best if you usually post other kinds of content. This music would take your viewers by surprise; it would spice up your account or timeline, and hit the point home. You can also add a link to a portal where the music can be downloaded or streamed in the description.

As long as your account has a few thousand followers deals like this are bound to come. Just be patient, and carry on posting whatever content you love to post.

Do Promotional Content

Promotional content are essentially commercials, and brands like to target influencers with tens of thousands or even millions of followers. If the brand is serious they should also bring the concept and the camera crew, but if not you can still go ahead as long as they are paying you well. A few of these can set you up for life, so don’t worry. Just keep on doing what you know how to do best.

Social media can be your springboard; from there you can go on to become an Actress, Musician, Keynote Speaker, Author, or even President! There is no limit to what you can achieve.  


While the words in the opening of this article may include a bit of an exaggeration, there is no doubt that pretty ladies have an unfair advantage over the rest of us. Yes, there too many ways to make money as a beautiful woman, that the government should probably introduce some kind of a beauty tax to keep them in check. If you are a lady with a beautiful face, please put the ideas in this article to use because you have no business being poor.

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