How To Make A Poultry Snake Proof

Keeping snakes out of a poultry is a necessity. This is because snakes are naturally drawn to places where chickens and other kinds of poultry can be found in large numbers. Some snakes target the eggs, while other types of snakes target the birds themselves.

Snakes have an excellent sense of smell; and can pick up the scent of chickens from quite a far distance. The problem is that once they have discovered a food source, they never go too far away from it, otherwise other snakes may eat their food.

One may be surprised to learn the number of snakes that claim feeding rights to a poultry; undermining the efforts of the owner. They do this because they can get in and take the birds or eggs. The goal therefore should be to stop them from getting in. Here is how.

How To Make A Poultry Snake Proof

Clear The Surrounding Areas

The surrounding areas around the poultry house should be clear. There should be no stones, no rubbish, no grass, or other vegetable matter, and no gathering of leaves or tree parts that have been cut down. The area should be completely clear – nothing but sand.

This will leave no hiding places for snakes, or any other predatory animals. It will also increase the chances of seeing a snake enter of leave a poultry house.

Clearing the surroundings will make less dangerous to combat snakes; as the farmer can take steps to fight them off. In most of Africa, the engagement usually ends in the death of the snake, but in the western world the goal is usually to remove them from the premises.

Block All Holes

Naturally, poultry houses built to prevent theft by humans and animals. They mostly have doors, which are fitted with keys or padlocks. The problem is that when a snake comes, it does usually go through the door.

Snakes are built like ropes, and their bodies are fitted with powerful muscles. They can squeeze through the smallest spaces to carry out their nefarious activities. Therefore, it is those small spaces that you want to block in order to snake proof your poultry house.

All small spaces should be covered; cement, wood, or wire mesh may be used. Wire mesh is the material of choice for covering spaces that are nearer to the roof of the poultry house.

Ensure That There Are No Overhanging Structures

Snakes do not have to approach the poultry house directly, just like mice do not have to approach their target directly. Sometimes they climb up an adjoining structure, and then work their way to the target.

Making sure that there no overhanging structures eliminates that path; removes the possibility of the snakes climbing into the poultry through other structures.

Repel Snakes Naturally

There are many chemical products out there that can repel snakes, but they often have bad effects on the environment. Some may even have bad effects on the very chickens you are trying to protect.

That is not the way to go. Instead of those chemicals, it is better to focus on natural snake repellents. The following are proven beyond doubt.


Garlic is abundant and cheap. They contain chemicals that are known to be repulsive to snakes. However, to bring the chemicals out, they need to be crushed. Therefore, cloves of garlic can be slightly crushed, and then sprinkled in and around the poultry house.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass can be planted around the area. This has been known to repel snakes; it has a strong smell that is unfriendly to snakes. Lemon Grass can also repel other animals such as rodents.


Basil is an herb that serves several purposes. Now, it is also called upon for its snake repelling qualities. Basil may be planted around the area, or the leaves can just be spread all about the immediate area of the poultry farm.

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Making your poultry impenetrable to snakes can go a long way to keeping the poultry venture profitable. When a poultry inaccessible to snakes, it is usually inaccessible to other kinds of vermin as well.

When there are no loses to hungry animals, the chances of growing the venture are improved.

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