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How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

The whole procedure is wrong, which is why people find it hard to get rid of bedbugs. In desperation, people just go about spraying the whole house with chemicals in the hope of exterminating them, and there is a whole industry built around bedbug extermination that does not even work.

And why should people not be desperate? Bedbugs are repulsive little critters that have a bad smell. They can be quite an embarrassing nuisance, and can leave ugly scars on the body. Parents can get extra worried when these scars show up on their children’s bodies.

Whether there are children in the house or not, nobody wants to have bedbugs feasting fat on their blood every night.

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Find Their Nests

The biggest problem with bedbug extermination is that they have nest; homes within your home, and do not come out until when they are hungry. Chemicals sprayed in and around the house will therefore have no effect on them because they are safely in their homes.

It is therefore necessary to find their homes in order to kill them. They need small spaces, preferably lengthwise. These could be the spaces in the couch or openings in the mattresses. It could also in the wooden parts of the furniture; in any small cracks on the wood or any surrounding furniture.

It has to be near the location where they go to feast; and it is usually a place hidden from direct light. Another secret location is the walls of your house; small cracks and crevices, even those made to hold electrical fittings or decorations are very good nests for bedbugs.

Kill Their Nests

Having identified their nests or potential nests, the first instinct is to spray them with chemicals. By all means, please go ahead. Especially the couch, and the bed, concentrating your efforts on the corners and angles.

However, killing bedbugs nests goes beyond just spraying chemicals, it is just not effective enough. This is because the chemicals have to hit the bugs directly on their bodies to be effective. The bugs are going to be safely in their nests until it is time to feast (until you have slept) which means it is unlikely the chemicals will touch them.

To eradicate beg bugs means you will have to eradicate their nests. Those cracks and crevices will have to be closed. There are chemicals designed to fill those cracks, some come already mixed, while others come in powder form- requiring you to mix them with water. Some also come as a spray; you spray it, and then when mixed with air, it expands and fills the space.

One secret weapon is chewing gum; just plaster it in and over the cracks and crevices of furniture, and even on the wall. One trick is to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, and use your flashlight to sweep around the areas you suspect. You could see them around, or they could be running back to their hives.

If you can seal off the cracks, then you have solved 80% of your bedbug problem.

Use The Right Chemicals

This is a less important matter; most of the products in the market will kill bedbugs if they make direct contact with them. Mostly, the chemical of choice is Permethrin. It is a very effect plant based chemical and kills critters in minutes.

There are other products that can kill off bedbugs and other undesirable critters in the house. A good idea to read the label or description of the product. It is not all about the product in itself; it is more about how you use it.

A serious person can talk to a person at the store to confirm the best product they have for this particular problem, and for more serious infestations, one can contact pest control professionals. One can purchase the chemicals from them, or even have them fumigate the house.

However, please note that even an expensive fumigation, not backed by the processes elaborated above; (finding and killing their nests) will result in failure to eradicate them. One would only become a customer, paying regularly for a half-useless routine.

Keep The House Clean

Nobody wants to hear this; even when desperately searching out information about how to get rid of bedbugs. They all argue that they regularly clean their houses. That is good. But there is a difference between cleaning and cleaning. People are generally good at cleaning the open surfaces of their homes; the areas where eyes and hands are likely to meet.

But that is not where the bedbugs are; it is the corners, the edges, and the places difficult to reach that you should be worried about. These are the places that bedbugs are likely to hide. They do not like the light very much, and if a place is undisturbed, then they are likely to make it a nest.

So disturb it! Regularly cleaning those dark corners will make them less hospitable to bedbugs, and even if they were to turn those places into nests, by clearing them out you will remove the eggs and nymphs, thus eliminating them.

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The main reason why bedbugs are so hard to kill is that they multiply faster than people can keep up with. In one experiment, bedbugs kept in a bottle filled it with young ones within 2 weeks. That was without a blood meal. Imagine what those that have access to suck blood can do.

The goal therefore must be to stop them from having anywhere to lay eggs. Closing up openings and cleaning the house regularly will therefore do more to achieve this than just spraying chemicals.


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