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How To Fix A Broken Screen Hinge on a Laptop

The screen hinge – the part that holds the screen, holding it to the laptop – is a well-known weak spot in the design of most laptops. Many a laptop computer has been thrown out just because the hinge got broken.

If your laptop has suffered a similar anomaly then it may not be necessary to throw out the computer. You may still be able to use it, by working around the defect, and making a few small changes. It may not be as great as the normal one, but it could extend the lifespan of your laptop computer by many years.

The case in point is a Compaq Presario C300, circa 2006. Still works great despite a broken hinge.

How To Fix A Broken Hinge In A Laptop

Remember that a laptop hinge is not usually a user replaceable part; it is not something that one can easily purchase from etsy or amazon, and even if that is possible, the installation process would be far too complicated for most people.

But not all people. And not all laptops too.

Sometimes a laptop screen hinge can become loose. If that is the case, it can often be fixed with a screw driver. The objective would be to tighten the screws so that the hinge moves less freely. That way it will hold up the screen.

Sometimes it is not a matter of tightening screws; the screws and the hinge can become too tight. They can become stuck to the point that the normal process of opening and closing the screen lid breaks the plastic of the body.

Where possible, this could be fixed by oiling the hinge, and then using very good adhesive to hold the plastic parts back in place. Unless the adhesive is extremely good, there is no way this kind of thing can hold for a long time.

In the case of this 20 year old Compaq, the plastic is broken into several bits, and there is no platform to stick it on. This is because the cooling vent sits directly below the broken hinge, and so all the plastic of the vent is also broken.

This means the screen drops on that side quite considerably. The whole thing makes the laptop look awkward, and it’s quite depressing to use.

How do you fix this? By creating another platform for the screen to rest upon. Get some glue, some plastic, and something to cut it to shape. In this case aluminum was used – just a strip of it so as to be malleable.

Aluminum is quite a strong material so the weight of the screen should not pose any problems.

If the plastic was not broken to a hundred pieces, maybe it would have been reattached, and the aluminum strip would have served as a platform where it would stick.

In this case however, the hinge itself hangs on the aluminum strip, which functions like lever. A hundred people could look at this laptop and never know that there is a problem with the hinge. Opening and closing is easy, but I have to take greater care so as not to cause any problems.

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The bottom line:

The main thing is that you take a moment to examine your laptop and find a way to resolve the problem. If your laptop has suffered a broken hinge, you can look at how I have fixed mine, and see if you can do something similar.

It does not have to be perfect – it probably never will. However, it can be good enough, and can go on to serve you for many more years before finally kicking the bucket.

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