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How To Cool Your House Cheaply

It is possible to cool a house cheaply; regulating the temperature of a house does not necessarily have to be an expensive venture. A cool house is a lot more comfortable than a hot one, and it is a lot easier to concentrate at tasks when the house is within reasonable temperature.

Heat has been known to cause strokes and heart attacks, and to make life unbearable to those living or working in the buildings.

To avert that, man has always sought ways to make his living quarters cooler. Cooling systems have been found in ancient Egypt and Persia. While those ancient cooling systems have been found to be effective, newer ones have also been developed, which are more effective.

How To Cool Your House Cheaply

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is the most popular way to keep a house cool. However, it is not the best way. Air conditioning chills a house; like a huge fridge, or a chiller, or even a morgue. An AC blows air through a cooling mechanism, and the air coming out from the other side is very cool. Withing a few minutes the cool air fills the room.

That is not the way nature does it. One can even say that an AC is unnatural.

Besides, Air Conditioning is quite expensive; AC units can rack up a lot of power usage, making them unaffordable. even the the newer models; designed to consume less electricity are quite expensive to buy and install.

Some of the cheaper options are listed below, and the most effective and natural one is listed last.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are one of the cheapest and most popular devices through which people cool their homes or workplaces. However, it has been noted that ceiling fans are severely limited in the cooling effect they produce.

Immediately ceiling fans go off the room becomes hot again, and some even say that they feel as though the room has become hotter than it was before.

Ceiling fans do not really cool the air, they circulate the air faster. Fast moving air causes heat displacement and faster evaporation, which gives a feeling of cooling. This feeling is good enough for most people, but for some it is not. For those who want the air to actually be cooler, a misting fan is a good option.

Misting Fans

Misting Fans are a combination of a fan, and a humidifier. The fan should be a high velocity fan which is set at an upright angle. It should now be blowing air at a high velocity into the room, or wherever else it may be installed.

However, a misting fan is not designed to just blow air, it is designed to blow tiny water molecules into the air, thus displacing the hot air, and regulating the room temperature. It does this by means of a small nozzle fitted in front of the fan, which releases a spray of water.

The sprayed water is then circulated by the fan at a high velocity. Misting fans are a lot more effective than ceiling fans; they produce a longer lasting effect by actually cooling the air in the room- making it feel as though it has just rained.

Misting fans are probably the cheapest way to cool a house; they cost very little to run.

For some houses though, misting fans may not be ideal. Cooling vents may be better.

Cooling Vents

Cooling vents are usually fitted into the wall, somewhere up above, and out of the way. They may be used in conjunction with ceiling fans, or any other type of fan. They operate with the knowledge that fans are limited in their operation because they only circulate the are available air in the area.

Fans only move the air around fast, but do not make the air cool. Fans also do not bring any cool air into the area.

Cooling vents do; they can channel cool air (any air really) into the building, thus making the house cooler, and the work of regular fans more appreciated. However, not everybody has the opportunity to install cooling vents into the house, especially because it usually requires some modifications to the building. In such cases window fans should do.

Window Fan Units

Window Fans are modified box fans; upright facing fans which function like cooling vents. The primary purpose is to draw in the air from outside the house, or room, thus keeping the air fresh, and the house cool.

Ordinary standing fans can also function in this way although with reduced efficiency caused by the gap between the fan and the window which is the air vent.

For maximum efficiency the fan has to be on the window. It can be hung or attached to it, and then secured by any means possible to keep it in place. There are even rechargeable fans that can serve this purpose, and so keep the room cool even when there is no steady supply of electricity.

Window fans are not very popular because not many people have tried them. As soon as enough people have tried them, the word will likely spread.

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The above are simple ways to cool your house cheaply. It depends on the individuals to decide upon which of the above options to choose from. A cool house is not just more comfortable; it also helps one concentrate and be more productive in whatever one does.

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