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How To Choose A Solid Laptop

In today’s economy it is important to know how to choose a solid laptop so as to avoid having to make repeated purchases which could be bad for one’s finances. The idea is that one good laptop is equal to four bad ones.

A good laptop should be sufficient for whatever use one wants to make of it. One factor that destroys laptops too quickly is when incompetent people try to make “upgrades.” A good laptop should also be durable.

Granted, durability is a subjective statement, as it depends on the extent of rough usage which every individual user is will put the device to. Nevertheless, some laptops will stand firm under the same amount of pressure that has cracked others. Here is how to choose them.

How To Choose A Solid Laptop

Solid Body Build

That is the number one factor to look out for; a good laptop should have a strong body build. The common perception is that laptops that are built with metal bodies are stronger. However, that is not always true; there are plastic laptops that are just as solid as the metal ones.

When you pick up the laptop, it should not feel flimsy in your hands. It should not bend on any side. It should feel like one compact unit; like a block or a brick. You can hold it close to your ear, and give it a little shake. It should not make any sound.

When you flip it open it should not creak.  When you put your hands on the hand rest, it should not make any noise as well. A laptop that is solidly built will not dent or break on impact. Neither will it damage its screen or internal components.

If the laptop passes those stress tests, then it can proceed to the stage- which is checking the design.

Check Design

The design refers to how the iron or plastic is built. This is what makes the laptop easy to use, and what will protect the internal machinery. To choose a solid laptop based on its design, check that the hinges holding up the screen are solid.

The hinges do not have to be stiff or hard to open; they only need to be durable. The screen should not fall all the way back, and it should not give the impression of being flimsy.

Check the design of the air vent, and the cooling fan. Not every laptop has a cooling fan, but the problem is that some laptops have inadequate cooling. If the laptop has no cooling fan or air vent, then it probably has some complex internal cooling system. That is ok. But if it has a cooling fan and cooling vents that are inadequate, then there will probably be problems using it.

It also better to choose a laptop with speakers that are built into the body of the laptop, as against having it on the screen side.

Check Features

The next step is to check features that are built into the laptop. Does it have a CD Rom? Do you need Bluetooth connectivity? How many USB ports do you need? Things like that. One important factor that can make a laptop last long is the features it possesses.

For example: a laptop with 4 in built USB ports will still be in use after 2 or 3 of those USB ports have gone bad. But a laptop with only 2 USB ports will start to feel like a burden when one of those USB ports is damaged.

A laptop with Bluetooth connectivity will still be in use after the USB is damaged because the user will simply switch to Bluetooth for file sharing. The same is true with wireless connection; if the wireless card goes bad, the user may simply switch to Bluetooth, increasing the overall life span of the laptop.

These are all things you can look at by yourself. But then you can tap from the knowledge and experiences of others.

Read Reviews Online

Reading reviews online can give additional insights about the quality and performance of the laptops you are interested in. you can tap into the knowledge and experiences of others who have used that particular laptop.

Some of the reviewers are professionals, while others are just giving their honest opinions about how they were served by the products. Some people find the latter more trust worthy.

After reading the reviews, if it one is convinced about its quality, then one may proceed with the purchase. But then be careful; salesmen can be coy.

Don’t Be Manipulated

Salesmen can be coy. They can attempt to brainwash one into accepting a similar product. “Similar” means “we don’t have that one in stock, but we want you to take this one instead.” That is utter nonsense because no two laptops are exactly the same. The salesman just wants to collect the money- customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is not his concern.

Therefore, make sure that you are for the exact same laptop that you have read about, and that you know is going to serve you well.

Why Choose A Solid Laptop?

As mentioned in the introduction; buying a solid laptop can help one avoid having to buy another one anytime soon. Furthermore, a solid laptop will cut out the costs of regular trips to the technician, thus helping the user save money.

A solid laptop will also help one be productive because it cuts out the distraction of having to repair a laptop every other week. That time can be better used for work or play.

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The above steps, when followed accordingly will enable one choose solid laptops, and avoid the mistake of buying expensive junk. Laptops are a part of our everyday life; they are used for work, for recreation, and just to store information. A dependable laptop is therefore an advantage in every possible way.

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