Fruitasia Fruit Trees – Nursery And Orchard In South Africa

Fruitasia Fruit Trees is an orchard specializing in growing exotic fruit trees for sale to gardening enthusiasts. It is a major private source for seeds and seedlings, and is constantly frequented by gardeners and farmers in South Africa.

Fruitasia is also an important source of knowledge; it offers consultation about planting fruit trees. This is because the company has gained a wealth of knowledge gained by practical experience in planting all kinds of trees.

Interestingly it teaches how to plant dwarf trees, including how to maintain these trees so that they do not exceed the expected height, while continuing to delight the owners with delicious fruits.

What Kind Of Fruits Can One Get At Fruitasia


Sweet Lime

Pineapple Guava


Pinkerton Avocado


Blood Orange “Tarocco”

Sugar Apple “Sweetsop”

Dwarf Coconut


West Indian Lime


Early Red Apples

Granny Smith Apples

Cara Cara Orange


Where Is Fruitasia Located?

Fruitasia has many locations and nurseries all around the country, the most popular one being the location at 66 R55, Blue Hills, Johannesburg, 1685, South Africa.

What Does Fruitasia Do?

Fruitasia stocks a wide range of fruits, most which are exotic – not regularly seen in this part of the world. the company also sells young trees for planting by gardening enthusiasts, farmers and even companies who want to beautify their premises.

Fruitasia also offers fruit picking excursions to families. The farm experience is a particular delight to young children, and many want to come back again to enjoy Fruitasia’s orchards.

Fruitasia also offers consultation services; this a great advantage for the knowledge of botany in South Africa because the company has gained a wealth of experience when it comes to fruit bearing trees.

Fruitasia Fruit Trees is also working to produce the next generation of south African gardeners, farmers, and botanists – the company partners with schools to provide field trips to young school children so that they can see and feel what a big farm is all about. This will make the children fall in love with plants, and probably look for opportunities in agriculture.

Now the company also sells smoothies made from fresh picked fruits to delight visitors. The smoothies are also sold in stores and supermarkets.

What Makes Fruitasia Great?

Fruitasia makes growing fruits easy. Instead of 25ft trees needing acres of space, and many years to grow, Fruitasia offers the opportunity to plant flowering trees in flower pots, which can grow to only 1.5 meters in height, and produce fruits in a few months. That means the trees do not take up much space, and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Aside from small sized trees, the company also offers the chance to grow your own fruits, which means delicious treats for the family every time you stroll into your garden. Families can now enjoy fresh fruits picked the same day, or they can even make smoothies, fruit salads, and everything else fruity on a regular basis. Many of the fruit trees can bear fruit all year round – which means there will be fruits to enjoy all through the year.

Further Reading:

Fruitasia Fruit Trees is a company that has revolutionized gardening in south Africa. The company has contributed to knowledge of botany in the country, and to the overall health of the nation. It has also created a significant value chain, and employment opportunities.

Africa needs more technology and companies like Fruitasia Fruit Trees.



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