Education is Supposed to Create Wealth

In no particular order, some of the Top Universities in the World are:

John Hopkins University


Oxford University

Stanford University

Columbia University

Massachusetts University

University of Washington

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Now that you have got a list of the top universities in the world, what do you intend to do? Enroll in one of those universities, get a job, work at the job, buy a car and a house, retire, and then eventually die? Well, if so, please click away. You have got the information you wanted, and now there is nothing more for you here.

For the sake of clarity, let us state that university education has helped in the research and advancement of so many things that we now take for granted, but would struggle without. Some of these universities have done great work in healthcare delivery, understanding our physical world, economics, law, and so on.

But what does university education actually do to a person. Individually. We will come to that in the next paragraph, but first let us list a few individuals that have made their mark without the advantage (?) of a university education.

Michael Dell of Dell Technologies

Steve Jobs of Apple

Rachael Ray of Food Network

Paul Allen of Microsoft

John D. Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Family

Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation

Ted Turner of CNN

Bill Gates of Microsoft


All the above people are or were wildly successful, not just in terms of money, but in terms of the value they created. A number of them even enrolled for university studies but dropped out soon afterwards. They knew that the school system wasn’t adding any value to them; rather it was going to do something else.


What does Education do to You?

The purpose of education is to create a better society, not a better you. Read that again, and take a minute to digest it. A better society can only be achieved through orderliness and peaceful coexistence. The goal of education is to make you conform; to make you a happy wheel in the machine of society.

Goals such as an office, a car, a house, and a lovely family are set before you; and you are directed to pursue this dream life. If you do well, they even throw in the occasional vacation in Hawaii. To be honest, this is a lot better than fighting for scraps as some of our ancestors did, or killing each other for the right to sell cocaine as some of us still do today.

Nevertheless, education stifles individuality, and kills of creativity. Even curiosity is reduced to the barest minimum. School is like a factory where people are produced, and factory products have one thing in common: they all turn out the same.

If Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs had stayed in school, they would have graduated, worked most their lives at jobs that only required them to perform the function daily, and lived off their salaries. Instead, they dropped out, made use of the creative sides of their minds, and created multibillion dollar empires.

They embraced society, but they were never molded by it. Society embraced them because they offer value. That value is what made them billionaires.


So what about You?  

Do you want to go to school, or do you want to be a billionaire? 90 percent of people will immediately choose the money, and that is a major reason why they will remain poor. Money comes from creating value, not from wishful thinking.

As a matter of fact, if you have no particular talent, or if you have not yet discovered your particular talent, then it may be wise to pursue an education. At least you will fit into society. Better to be a slob with a job than just a slob.


The future of Education

Just think about anything-any field of endeavor. There is already an establishment that excels at it. These establishments have gained not just fame and fortune from the value they create- they have become authorities in their fields.

Microsoft has excelled in the area of software development, Cisco has excelled at building communication equipment, and Tesla has excelled in researching and developing electric vehicles. Let us not forget to mention Google. All these companies mentioned above already have facilities where they train and nurture talent. The question now is ‘what stops Microsoft from establishing a full-fledged university to teach software development?’ The answer is ‘nothing.’

That is the future of education. Young people will soon prefer to study computer science direct from Microsoft, and information management from google. Technology education will soon leave the four walls of a university classroom, and it will be progress. It is coming, and it is soon. Other faculties may follow suit, but that may take some time. Perhaps the last to tow the line will be medicine because politicians may cite safety issues, even they know that most of the actual teaching is done by reputable hospitals- not the universities themselves.



The top universities in the world may not out-rightly promote poverty; but they certainly promote mediocrity. It is a surprise that society at large continues to promote poverty by keeping university education expensive and inaccessible to the poor. It seems that the goal of capitalism is not just to create wealth, but to keep it perpetually in the hands of those who already have it.


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