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Easiest Way to Make Money Online With Zero Investment


Some would laugh at those who ask of the easiest way to make money online without investment. They do this because they think it unreasonable to expect to make gains without first putting in your own money. Well, this may come as a shock to you, but yes, it is possible to make money online without investing money, because money is not the only thing you can invest so as to make returns.

Yes, there are several avenues through which you can make money, but you are going to invest a lot of time, skills, and goodwill to pull this off successfully. So before reading any further, perhaps it is better to ask yourself if you have the determination to put in the effort for the long term. If you have the fighting spirit you can not only make money; but you can build a business in which you will employ others and give them a chance to add value to themselves as well.

The following are the easiest ways to make money online with zero investments. You may not find them easy at first, but if you have the mind to keep it up, the money should start coming in soon enough.

Easiest Way to Make Money Online With Zero Investment

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven way of making money on the internet. The best part; affiliate marketing is not going anywhere- it has come to stay. We will explain that later, but for now let us discuss what this is, and how you can make money with it without any investment.

Affiliate marketing is all about helping a company to make sales. These days they all do it. If you go to the bottom of any sales page these days you will likely find a button that says ‘Affiliates.’ That button will help you sign up for a program in which you will be given a link. When you convince people to follow that link, either to sign up to their service or to buy their product, you get a percentage of the profits. Be informed that some companies pay as high as 50% of the profits to their affiliates.

Of course there may be differences to the sign up process, and there may be differences to the compensations paid. You do not need to spend any money; you can do this with your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media you use. You can even use a free blog offered by several platforms.

Affiliate marketing works better when you can convince people that you know what you are talking about; it does take a bit of faith to make a person trust you enough to buy something just because you say so.  

Recently, this business model has expanded, into drop-shipping.


Drop shipping is just the same as affiliate marketing; only that it there is not much convincing being done. Some drop-shippers have websites where they list items; usually clothes, shoes, watches, and such fashion items. They pose as stores and often use social media to attract buyers with high quality, attractive pictures of the items they are selling.

Generally, the drop-shipper marks up the prices of the items so as to make profits. Some drop-shippers mark up the prices up to 100% thus they can make a profit of $100 for something that originally costs $100.

When a customer orders a product from the drop-shipper’s website, the order will be automatically entered on the supplier’s website. This may also be done manually. The supplier then sends the item to the buyer, sometimes listing the drop-shippers name.

Become A Freelance Writer

There is a great need for freelance writers right now; this is probably because of the proliferation of blogs all over the world, or all over the internet. Most of the blogs are run by people who do not have the time, or the skills to write their own articles. So who do they turn to? Freelance Writers.

If you have the writing skills you can succeed as a freelance writer; most people sign up on freelance websites, and then bid on available gigs. To be honest, there are usually a lot of people bidding for jobs on these websites and so it may be a little difficult when you start out. In order to land gigs you will need to convince the people that you can deliver.

When you do get the gigs you must deliver them with excellence and in a timely manner. This is very important because most freelance websites allow users to rate freelancers- you need the good ratings because that is what determines whether or not you will get other gigs. Please go to the end of this article to read this writer’s experience with freelance writing.

Become A Freelance Graphic Designer

Becoming a Graphic Designer is one of the surest and most sustainable ways of earning money on the internet, without any money invested on your part because Graphic designers practically control the virtual economy.

Think for a second about the last time you bought anything on the internet. What attracted you to that product? The beautiful design of course! Without Graphic Designers there would simply be no buying or selling on the internet; and the virtual economy would soon collapse.

The usual way to get this gig is to sign up to a freelance website (usually the same website that you would use for freelance writing) and then start bidding on gigs. Please ensure that you have the necessary skills before you attempt this because you would only need a few bad reviews to kill off your chances of making money with this gig.

You can read this writer’s experience with graphic art at the end of this article.   

Become A Virtual Assistant

Believe it or not there is a lot of demand for office assistants that work remotely. You may be required to do simple tasks like take phone calls, read emails, write responses to emails, respond to queries on a website page (some of which require to answer live chats) enter data, and so on.

You can start this gig by searching ‘become a virtual assistant’ on the web. You can soon start making money online without any investments, but in truth this gig is not always so easy to land. Sometimes websites that enable you to do the freelance jobs such as those we have highlighted above usually allow you do virtual assistant gigs, although you can find websites wholly dedicated to this gig.

Start A Profitable Blog

Rather than put your talents to the use and profit of other people just for a little money, you can build a blog, and so keep all the profits for yourself. Of course you have to be good at writing, and you need to have some great ideas to share. It is possible to do this without any investment; however, you will maximize your potentials by putting in a little money for a custom domain name and web hosting. That way you can design the blog to your particular tastes.

As soon as you have started getting traffic (readers) you can then monetize the blog by putting up adverts or by adding affiliate links. There are so many companies that offer you the chance to do this.

Create YouTube Videos

Youtube is very similar to blogging; you get to create content about ideas you may have, or about some passion or cause that is close to your heart. However, this time you would not be writing articles; you would be making videos.

The same principle applies here: you make high quality videos and put them online. When you start getting traffic you monetize the channel and start making money when people view the ads. You don’t need to invest any money; and you can even make the videos using mobile devices. As long as they are good quality videos, and they have unique ideas, you should make some good money from them.

There are several video sharing platforms out there now; you can check them out.

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Fair warning: this is not typically a consistent way of making money. Yes, bitcoin has made a lot of people millionaires today, but it is not very predictable. Besides we are talking about making money online without any investments. Therefore, the only way to do this is to ‘claim free coins and tokens.’

You can enter that into your favourite search engines so as to find out about available coins that you can claim freely at the moment.   Of course this will require you to sign up to several websites, so you want to keep all your passwords written down somewhere safe. Furthermore, you are going to need crypto currency wallets to save your loot.

We must warn you that the chances of any new crypto currencies replicating bitcoins’ success are doubtful. Therefore, you may not make as much money as you might have expected with this gig- but at least you would not be making any losses either.


As you have seen, it is very possible to make money online with zero investment. It only requires that you invest your time and effort, and that you show an equal measure of skill and determination. Some have desired to start a side hustle, but gone on to create business empires.   


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