Disadvantages Of SEO For Blogs

The disadvantages of SEO have been there all along, but humanity failed to see them. One of the biggest ironies in the world, it promised to make things better, but ended up making everything invariably worse.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is designed to make content easy for search engines to curate. This means information on the web should be easier for the user to find, and to use.

But has that happened? Do you find that information is very easy to get on the web? Is it easier to find stupid, time wasting posts than to find helpful information? Maybe Search Engine Optimization is all wrong.

Disadvantages Of SEO

SEO Killed The Art of Writing

Writing used to be an art. It still is, but only on select outlets. However, even those outlets seem to be on the decline; like waves of the sea lashing against a brick wall, SEO is coming for those outlets, and it is only a matter of time before they give in.

Thanks to SEO, writers have to write their headlines in a direct, nonliterary manner. For example, an article headline like “40 Dollars On Our Heads” would have been a hit in the years before; it certainly shows that it discusses something important – in this case the tumultuous state of affairs in one country, in which terrorists are paid to kill citizens.

Such a headline today would not fly; unless it was published by some anti SEO websites. Anti SEO websites will be discussed in the end of this post.

Instead, a headline like “How Terrorists Kill Citizens In Zarzumdia” would probably be more successful.

Both headlines would probably link to the same article; but the second one is just bland; like a bowl of rice with no salt, seasoning or sauce.

Headlines are not the only thing that has suffered due to SEO; the body of the texts have also lost taste.

Keyword Repetition Limits Creativity

The body of texts now have to be stuffed with keywords; they have to be repeated every few paragraphs because according to search engines, that shows a kind of seriousness; it confirms the intention of the writer to produce content about a particular topic or keyword.

This limits the writer’s creativity; reduces the scope of his imagination. A writer may think “if I spread my wings too far, the article will not fly.” Therefore, writers must reduce the variation and scope of the vocabulary they use.

They must repeat words, dumb down ideas, and structure sentences in ways that do not challenge the readers to use their brains. In fact, they must lose their brains too if they wish to succeed in SEO.

If this continues, soon nobody will have brains. Writers are losing their passion, and instead, they are learning to write for robots.

Writing For Robots

That is where the world is right now; instead of writing content that makes the reader think; writers and editors must focus their attention on pleasing the robots. Robots at Google, Bing, and other search engines have no idea what artistic writing is all about.

They count the number of times a keyword appears in a text. If it passes certain parameters then it is good. They do not care if the content is stupid; that should be for the reader to decide. The problem is that the reader too – after long periods of exposure to stupid content – has become stupid.

The Internet Is Making Us Stupid

Thanks to SEO, the internet is making us stupid. A major drawback of SEO is that stupid posts become popular. Posts that have been tailored to pass the yardsticks set by some inordinate software. Posts that do not help expand the minds of the readers, or polish their grammar.

People can no longer read lengthy posts; the average now is less than 1000 words. That 1000 words must be dumbed down to the level of 10 year olds; no long sentences, no big words. Restrict the use of similes and metaphors; and most of all – stuffed with keywords.

SEO has made the people stupid. Years of enlightenment and growth has been truncated and reversed, just because some genius had an idea to curate content on the web. What a loss for humanity!

Some have found a way to avoid the stupidity; they choose Anti SEO websites.

Anti SEO Websites

Select few websites exist that pay little or no attention to SEO; rather, they craft their headlines as artfully as they can, and then employ social media to spread the word of the content. These websites are very popular; they pull in literally millions of viewers every single day, and continue to bring in new (first time) users.

Rather than stuff their posts with keywords, they produce high quality content; content that enhances reader’s imagination, that make users laugh, and sometime that make users cry. Such content usually goes viral; ensuring that the websites become even more popular than yesterday.

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