Diamond Football Academy – All You Need To Know

Diamond football academy is one of the football academies that have become famous for producing quality players who go on to become famous football stars. The core focus of this academy is to discover players who then go on to sign for clubs in Europe.

Having recorded a string of successes recently, the academy is living up to its mission statement; which is to produce top football talent; groom them, and send them off to Europe to fulfill their potentials.

This post provides accurate information about this football academy; how they operate, and how to reach them. The information may be useful to some.

Diamond Football Academy – What They Do

Diamond Football Academy is a place where youngsters are taught how to play football like professionals. The job of the academy is to groom talent; to develop the player’s abilities, and prepare them for careers abroad.

The academy sponsors players abroad; it has a network of scouts and player agents in Europe who can help the players get clubs in Europe.

This academy regularly plays football competitions as a way of testing player’s ability, and exposing them to the competitive nature of the sport. Scouts from abroad are usually invited to see how the boys perform, and to see if they can find what they need.

What Kind Of Players Do they Need?

Statistically, Diamond Football Academy seems to favour forwards; wingers, strikers and attacking players. However, the academy states that it welcomes players of all positions because every position is equally important in the game of football.

The keyword therefore should be talent; the academy is looking for talented players who they can sell to the world. Players who can readily fit into the scheme of things are those that are confident, skillful, and ready to receive instructions.

Receiving instructions will enable the players to polish their edges, and play more effectively. This is very important if they are going to get clubs, and feature regularly for the said clubs.

Is There An Age Limit?

Age is an important factor for a football academy; it is not a professional club – but rather it is a grooming ground for young players to learn the game, so that they can play professionally.

Therefore, the most suitable students are within the ages of 13 to 18. This will give the entrants time to learn the ropes, and also allow them to have an early start to playing professionally in Europe.

Where Is The Address?

Diamond Football Academy is located at Bende Road, Nkata Ubeku, Umuahia 440236, Abia State, Nigeria. The academy is popular in the area; young boys can be seen hurrying off to training in the evenings, and in the mornings on weekends.

The academy can be contacted on the phone via 09025875334.

Diamond Academy has previously been located at Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, as well as several other cities. Therefore, the best way to reach them is by phone, and to let them know before travelling to meet them.

Is Diamond Academy Trustworthy?

Diamond Academy has successfully sent several of its graduates to play in Europe, Asia, and everywhere else; therefore the academy is very effective. Furthermore, it has managed to conduct its business largely without any scandals; showing that it is transparent and trustworthy.

This is one of the academies that has built a track record; a reputation to defend. It has quickly become one of the most popular academies in the country. With so much at stake, it seems unlikely that this academy will sacrifice its good name in order to cheat.

Some Players Who Graduated From Diamond Football Academy

Samuel Chukwueze

Kelechi Nwakali

Jack Ipalibo

Francis Nwokeabia

Who Is The Owner Of Diamond Football Academy?

Hon. Martin Ikechukwu Apugo is the President of Diamond Football Academy; he is a notable politician, businessman, and Philanthropist. He is also behind the charity known as the Hon. Martin Ikechukwu Apugo Foundation.

He is a former General Manager of the Abia State Environmental Sanitation Agency. He was a candidate during the elections in 2019 when he contested for a seat at the Federal House of Representatives.

He has since been involved in social and charity work. His football academy can also be seen as a social development venture.

Further Reading:

Diamond Football Academy is a good way to secure a contract with a club in Europe. The academy has built a solid foundation, and a solid business model in this regard. As a result many young people travel from different states just to get a chance of joining this academy.

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