5 Hidden Benefits Of Memes

Memes are becoming increasing popular; they pop up everywhere. On social media, on forums, and even get sent or circulated between family and friends. It is easy to spot the disadvantages that memes bring, such as wasting time, distracting our attention, and maybe reducing our ability to communicate effectively with words.

But what about the benefits of memes? Does it mean that there is nothing to be gained by creating or viewing memes?

The following are some ways that these images and word combinations can be helpful. Ways that we (in our eagerness to condemn) may have missed.

5 Ways That We Gain From Memes

Image Credits: Michael Baisden Live (taken from facebook)

Image Credits: Michael Baisden Live (taken from facebook)

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

That adage is a well-known saying; and it shows how effective pictures can be in proving conjectures as fact. While people are more inclined to argue against words, they are usually more inclined to accept something as fact when there is a picture (evidence) to back it up.

Memes can sometimes be made of real photos; sometimes with only words added to the top or bottom to underline the point they are intended to make.

In such cases, memes help to keep matters straightforward; avoiding the need to use a thousand words. In matters of politics, sports, and religion in which people tend to stupidly hold on to beliefs and opinions; memes can help prove the facts, and win arguments.

Something To Laugh About

Life is hectic for most people – there is hardly something to laugh about. Memes can fix that. Even on the hardest of days – those that tend to break one physically or mentally – memes can give people something to laugh about.

Yes, a few brief minutes on one’s favorite meme site can put a smile on one’s face, thereby reducing the tension, anxiety, or any other negative mental state, if only for a few minutes.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Therefore memes are the best medicine, and it does not seem likely that one can overdose on this particular medicine.

Build Bonds, Grow Relationships

Memes are a great way to show someone that they are in your thoughts. A good way to show that you are thinking of them. A meme of a woman commenting about how happy she is to receive memes from her husband is quite popular on the internet.

It shows that when a person receives a funny image from a friend or loved one, it is more than just a message; it is the gift of a smile, the gift of a moment of bliss.

Such a thing can work wonders for relationships; it can build amazing bonds as both parties can come to expect such gestures from each other on a regular basis.

Memes See Society As It Is

You know how a drunk person does not know how shamefully he behaves under the influence of alcohol? The same thing happens on a large scale in society – people generally behave quite stupidly without knowing it.

Memes are a great chance to look at images of society and see just how bad things are. As we look at those images of society we can see ourselves, and try to shake ourselves free from the acts that we do, which come back to hurt us.

For example: the meme about spending like a rich person on payday, and then living like a pauper for the rest of the month is a great way to tell ourselves, and our loved ones that we are doing it all wrong.

If that meme sinks in, it could potentially save our lives – rescuing us from financial ruin, and a bleak future.

A Great Way To Cope With Distress

Sometimes something happens which is beyond our control. Memes help us laugh at otherwise outrageous situations, thereby helping us cope. For example; when gas or food prices go higher, the stress can be quite troubling for most people.

Meme addicts on the other hand will laugh not because they like the higher prices but because they manage to find something funny in all the chaos.

Memes therefore serve as a collective coping mechanism; helping as many people as possible to laugh and stay positive, even when the world seems to be falling apart.

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Like them or hate them, memes are not going anywhere. Rather than complain about memes taking over cyberspace, or filling up the phone memories of kid’s phones, it may be better to embrace them, and see the positive angle. It is always better to laugh than to frown.

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