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Ankara Boutiques All You Need To Know

Ankara Boutiques are not a temporary fashion phenomenon; they are evidence of the evolution of the African people. Since evolution goes forward, not backward, it is safe to say that Africans will not go back to the days of choosing foreign clothing, especially used foreign clothing over our own.

Ankara Boutiques are therefore a cultural and business investment. They are places where people can appreciate African cultural dress sense, and also where business people can do earn a decent living.

Ankara Boutiques are a relatively new phenomenon; and that explains why they are few and far between. When something is new, it presents more questions than answers. Some of those questions are answered below.

Ankara Boutiques All You Need To Know

What Is An Ankara Boutique?

An Ankara Boutique is a shop or an online shop that deals in Ankara gowns, native wears, turkey gowns, lace, asoebi, and all kinds of traditional outfits. It may also deal in accessories such as beads, headgear, caps, watches, shoes, and other things that can complement the clothes.

Just like in the regular boutiques, samples of the gowns and natives may be put on mannequins for display. There would then be several identical copies of the clothes which are displayed.

A good Ankara Boutique should have many different styles and designs; coming from many different designers. Diversity will make the boutique thrive, while monotony will make it stale like eating the same eba and okra soup every day for a month.

Are They Profitable?

Normally, Ankara is more expensive than ordinary wears. For women; laces, turkey gowns, boubou, and blouses and wrapper, and asoebi are exclusive wears, while for men; plain and pattern, Agbada, Atiku, Isiagu, and Senator Wears, are top of the line. These are clothes that are mostly reserved for occasions, and for the days when one needs to make a statement.

Of course, those at the top have to make a statement every day; which is why celebrities, politicians and very important personalities are always seen in these types of clothes.

They are not cheap. Depending on the location and tailoring; people are willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of naira to buy these clothes. This translates to profits for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who own the boutiques because they can mark up the prices in order to make more money.

But something can be profitable, and yet not sustainable. Which leads to the question; are Ankara Boutiques viable?

Are Ankara Boutiques Sustainable?

Ankara Boutiques are very sustainable because they offer something that is a great advantage; convenience. For decades a section of society have shied away from owning native wears because they consider the process of owning one to be quite stressful.

In the past, one would need to visit a fabric dealer, select fabric, purchase it, and then visit a tailor or designer who would then do the sewing. Many things could go wrong; one could choose a wrong fabric, pay an inflated price for a good fabric, or the tailor could do an incredibly bad job. Tailors can show you a senator wear on a magazine, but when they finish sewing it could look like a giant bread nylon.

This explains why some grown men only have one or two native wears in their wardrobes.

Ankara Boutiques solve all that; it allows one to see the finished product, and try it on before paying. You can check the fitting, turn left and right in front of a mirror, or even have a friend or loved one confirm the fitting before making the payment.

In fact, because of all the benefits of Ankara Boutiques, it is possible to predict that there will soon be many more such establishments all over the country. In fact, they may soon be as abundant as POS machines.

Ankara Boutiques Online

No doubt, there are many good online Ankara Boutiques online. They can provide their services to elite customers and deliver to the addresses of their patrons. Through many years of activity in the business they have gained recognition with the populace.

However, at this time it is logical to say brick and mortar boutiques are still the best bet, as against online ankara stores. There are two major reasons for this conjecture:

1: Size Matters

Most people don’t even know their own sizes; they just see something they like, try it on, and buy it. Yes, we try to use the foreign size measurements but in fact, there is so much confusion about size measurements; Americans have theirs, Italians have theirs, and the Britons have a completely different arrangement.

So what measurement should be used exactly? How do you know that when the seller says size 11 it will not turn out to be size 40? If a seller says something is Large, how do you know it is not Extra Large, or Xtra Extra Large?

Until we can develop our own size measurements, and until said measurements are accepted as the standard, it is still better to stick to the primitive way of trying on clothes before buying them.

2:  What I Ordered Versus What I Got

The trend of displaying on social media what I ordered vs. what I got shows just how bad people are getting it. Unless the aim is to join the bandwagon, and get something to post on social media with the caption: “What I Ordered Vs. What I Got,” the best thing is to try on the clothes first.

We are still in the early days of e commerce; shopping for clothes online in this part of the world is still a problem because there are not enough sellers who have proven themselves, and who have something of a reputation to defend.

There is always a possibility of buying the clothes, but being unable to wear them because they may just turn out to be bad.

Therefore, it is a good idea to stick to the normal brick and mortar shops when buying ready made Ankara clothes.

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Ankara Boutiques are a new phenomenon, but they are a phenomenon that have come to stay. As more Africans continue to embrace traditional attire, it is very possible that African dress may become a global thing; just like African music has become a global thing.

If that should happen, then Ankara Boutiques may become more profitable than oil companies. The right time to get involved in this business is now. Now is the time to make a name in the business and claim a share of the market.

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